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Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind) [video]

Ha ha ha ha ... if you've been there you'll giggle

A Song About Monkeys [video]

Thank you Stephen Fry and Robert Llewellyn

The Old Spice YouTube Adverts Are ... Brilliant Fun

Check out the originals here and here (laydees, be aware) ... but then look to the right ( or here ) and see the fantastic video responses they are also making to Twitter posts. Great. Curmudgeons amongst us have made to points: Can't embed Great ad but will anyone actually buy more Old Spice (@BenKepes) Meh ... "I'm on a horse"

The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth - Top Fun

At a friends wedding recently they hired these dudes from The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth and it was a lot of fun, gave us some silly photos to remember it all by and I heartily recommend them for your next event.

Tim Vine - Pen behind the ear...[video]

One of the best comedy items I've seen in a log time. Tim Vine, live on stage performs "Pen behind the ear" which, as the title of the item explains in awesome clarity, is Tim Vine trying to get a pen behind his ear. IF he does it I bet you cheer! IF he runs out of time I bet you feel cheated/sad. So, without any further ado (what does that mean?) here is Tim Vine and, "Pen behind the ear ..." And then you can move on to Hockey stick behind the ear ...

I Miss Spam

Gmail's spam filters are almost flawless and I very rarely receive any spam in my InBox and this is good. But, now and again something sneaks through that makes me laugh out loud and I hanker for the creative spam days of yore . This for instance: FROM : MICROSOFT CORPORATIONS to microsft SUBJECT : [none] You have been awarded the sum of E1,625,000.00GBP in the MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMOTION AWARD 2010.Cont Mr Mark Anderson with your names,address,phone and Country to Email: or call +4470-4573-9535 for moreinformation on this award. Great eh - it's not only A LOT of money that I've "been awarded" but it comes, simultaneously, in two currencies. Nice. As for the spelling, punctuation and general feel ... not even my Mum would fall for this, who the jolly heck are they aiming it at?? More spam posts for you to giggle at ...

What Your Google Search Has To Go Through To Get Your Results

Ok, it's complicated but no-one thought any less surely. BUT, what blows my mind is that they do it in less than a second over 300 million times a day. Wholly Fuck! (click for biggerness) Infographic by PPC Blog

Is It "New and Improved" - NO!

Google News has changed and some like it, some don't. What I can tell you though that it is not "new" AND "improved" because YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT! You listening Barbara (or whoever it was that wrote the headline to your article) - " Google News: Yes, it's new, but is it improved? " ??? Do not fear though both TradeMe and Yahoo! have fallen into this age old trap. BTW: I am willing to have my logic tested on this one because, at a pinch you could get away with this IF you think the full headline could read, "Google News: Yes, this version of Google News is a new product, but is it an improvement on the previous Google News product that is no longer used". In essence are we talking about two completely separate services/products ... but then, it's not really is it, it's just an upgrade to Google News and in that case you can't say it (because it's not new, we've had it before). Thoughts?

It's Rugby Time On The Internet Again

Whilst the football world cup has drained itself of interest form me (wellll, alright, I will get up and see the final) we now get into the real sport, RUGBY! This weekend sees the All Blacks take on their only real competitors at the moment, the extremely competent and very scary South Africans. If you're not going to come down to The Green Man (Wellington) this Saturday to enjoy the  Alternative Rugby Commentary with Jed in full 3D real life then do not fear you have the streaming over teh interwebs as a brilliant second option: Jed Thian  09 July at 11:21 Kia Ora to you The Rugby Universe..! Use the link from 19:00 NZT, you'll hear music, sweet music, then some breaking glass and then loud noises and then...Jedi. Look forward to your input on the chat window during the game..! Jedi

Touché [video]

After this there can only be ... But there are those amongst us willing to try Android , @smrtgirl: I think I've agreed to try an android device for a week. Watch this space.

"I Want An iPhone" [video, swearing included]

HA HA HA HA HA - this goes out to all the Apple/iPhone fan boys and girls out there. "If it's not an iPhone, why would I want it!?" Or even, "It can grant up to 3 wishes even if one of those wishes is to get an iPhone." ... "I don't care!" - brilliant AND, I will be saying, "It has the WiFis" for ever!