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Informed work that the Riversdale's are off to the UK

Never a fun thing really is it, telling work that it's been nice but I'm outta here - or is that me just being too sensitive?

Well D (the CIO and a lot of the reason I am here) and Steve (my direct boss) were both extremely supportive about the UK move whilst expressing a little sadness and dissapointment. I'm sure there's also a degree of, "Oh for fucks sake!" involved but they both were professional about it.

And they both got the "why" - which was awesome!

It's true that I will be leaving at a time when a lot of the interesting work will be kicking off ... made me sad and a tad "arse" about it all. There's so much that the Knowledge Management role could achieve here at the Council and the person that fills that role after me is gonna have such a ride that I am already a little jealous.

But, it's done, both face-to-face and officially in writing.

Next - job in the UK! get myself into those connections and get that CV updated!