UK Labour MP's have totally taken the Conservative crown now

In my day back in the UK (around 10 years ago) it was the Conservative MP's and hanger-ons that were known for their sexual slease and suburbian shenanigans but by crickey this bunch of Labour boys and girls seem determined to beat (with birch) anything that went before.
D'ya think it's the power that goes to the head (or lower)?

Don't forget that whilst this Labour government has been ruling for a while they were Her Majesty's Opposition and didn't have much to do for quite a number of years before. Maybe they watched Alan B'Stard and thought it was all real, found it wasn't and set out to make it so.

Whatever the reasons, once they got in they got straight at it ... !?!? Mind you, I have to say I find it all most funny and love the way the British media stoek the fires of UK public outrage because someone has some sex ... so terribly Victorian don't you think?

For more scandals check out Wikipedia's List of British political scandals and Political Sleaze (UK Politics).


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