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Budding Children's Authors, This Is For You

I'm looking for children's book authors (for 2-5 yr olds) to talk to. Know any? Got plans to write a book? Get in touch :) — Brenda (@brenda09) February 29, 2012

Kiwi Drivers: Two Of The Give Way Rules Are Changing

5am, Sunday 25th March, 2012 There are videos, write-ups, presentations, posters, online quizzes and diagrams - there's even stuff for blind drivers! BLIND drivers, I know!?! So be prepared and prove the government officials and fellow Kiwis that you're not all complete fuck knuckles and she'll be alright. Downloadable resources:

Arcane - Amazing French Acrobatics

The New Zealand International Festival of Arts have Arcane , a French acrobatic duo, that for the 25 minutes they perform (for free), are quite mesmerising: Performing perfect flips, spins and somersaults on a nice steady platform would be difficult enough for most of us. Make that platform a moving, rolling structure and you add an entirely new level of complexity and skill. Here's what a hint at what we saw yesterday at Waitangi Park

Scheme The Big Things In Life

There are any number of "to-do list" apps / sites out there all aimed at helping you get the most out of your minute-by-minute life and that's all well and good - in fact, my favourites include Top Three (iOS), (web), Todo.txt (Android and iOS), Remember The Milk (everywhere). All well and good BUT what about the big stuff, the fun stuff, the aspirational stuff. Welcome to Schemer from Google . It's currently invite only but those of you following me on G+ would've seen how to get in. Come back, it's alright - click here and YOU ARE IN! Hang on though and add a dash of WTF? Why haven't I heard of this? What on earth is it ... Ever wonder what to do? Us too. Schemer can help. Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day. Think you’re up

Everything You Need To Know About Sunday's Summerfest

Right, it's time for you to buy tickets and plan to be there ! When Sunday 26th February, 3:00pm–6:00pm What (from EventFinder ) Now in its third year, Summerfest is a boutique, family-friendly food and beer festival that matches fantastic local tastes with great New Zealand beer, accompanied by the finest of local musicians. Beer raconteur and National Radio commentator Neil Miller will again be offering tasting notes while La Boca Loca chef Chris Martinez will be on hand with tips for creating mouth-watering Mexican morsels. ... Visitors will experience a BBQ extraordinaire, including local kai moana, Mexican taste sensations from Miramar’s favourite restaurant, La Boca Loca Taqueria (plus their margaritas from 5pm), and exclusive Summerfest venison sausages from the Strathmore Butcher. Summerfest is supported by Tuatara but other boutique beers will be flowing plus there’s wine, cider and Foxton Fizz. ... (from Facebook: Summerfest 2012 ) 3pm John Rae's Jazz trio

People Of New Zealand and Australia, Get Out Your Ukes

We have the official word: From: Carmel Russell Subject: This "rinky-dink ruckus" of a show is about to hit the road! I am about to hit the road. Pretty much for the next month I will be navigating my way round our two islands plucking and crooning with 10 of the best ukulele pluckers and crooners I know and known as the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and known this time round as the I LOVE YOU EP RELEASE NEW ZEALAND TOUR! We will be tuning up in all sorts of sweet spots around the fish (North Island) and the waka (South Island) of this nation. Whakatane, Wanganui, Greymouth and Invercargill being some of the sweetest of the 12 spots! NZ TOUR : See WELLINGTON : Saturday 24th March, San Francisco Bath House SYDNEY: Thursday 29th March, Oxford Art Factory MELBOURNE: Saturday 31st March 8.30pm, Sunday 1st April 2.00pm, Northcote Social Club Please do spread the word to those you know that hold a belief they may not

Help this quilt find its rightful owner!!

Help this quilt find its rightful owner!! - Originally uploaded by tchelseat

Summerfest 2012 poster

Summerfest 2012 poster - Originally uploaded by Mike Riversdale Print it out and let your work colleagues know ( PDF version ) The Worser Bay Summerfest show cases the best of local food and complimentary NZ beer together with commentary from the awesome Neil Miller and Al Brown. This year it's bigger than last year, more space and more music and activities. See you at the Worser Bay Boating Club on Sunday 26th February (3-6pm) Tickets:

FUCK YOU Ticketek New Zealand

FUCK YOU Ticketek New Zealand - Originally uploaded by Mike Riversdale $5.25 for the privilege of printing off the ticket myself - FUCK YOU! $8 for having you print it off for me at the venue - DOUBLE FUCK YOU! This was for a Phoenix game (where my son's ticket was $5) - I will now rock on up and buy it on the day.