My idea for a digital camera innovation

When I go out and about with the kiddlie-winkles and have our trusty new digital camera with me I usually stop and take a few 'generic' photos along the way. You know the sort, nice one of the park, quick one of that fascinating cloud formation, couple of the street performers ...

Whilst I'm snapping away at the park/cloud/juggler I am invariably joined by a few other happy snappers taking pictures of the same park/cloud/juggler all be it from ever so slightly different angles.

Now. Why don't we have wee transmitter/receivers (pick your technology) built into our cameras that can send/receive a photo from these other happy snappers. Of course mobile phones are, by definition, built with this and a large proportion have cameras as well.

All you'd need to do is have a very quick and easy (think iPod easy) way of saying:
  • a) Let me receive photo's being take around me; and/or
  • b) Share this photo I've just taken with anyone that cares to have it.

That way we'd could even save the hassle of snapping the same darned subject ourselves. Simply notice someone has taken a photo, look at the camera and see that they're up for anyone having a copy and receive the photo. If you like, keep it, if not, dump it and take your own (and share it).

Be great for those times when you see something wicked (weird car drives by, celebrity kissing someone they shouldn't, beautiful moment at the reception ...) but you can't get your camera out of your bag/pocket/car quick enough. See if anyone else was faster and get their shared photo.

Maybe you could someone have an electronic, "'Scuse me mate, can I get a copy" that could be sent out - to be ignored or accepted (easily and quickly) as the photographer wants.

And I'm thinking I'd get a better set of photo's of things I was actually at.

Whadday reckon? It would stop this:
Flickr: Jack and Meg Flickr: Jack and Meg
Or more importantly this ...
Flickr: a church in Christchurch Flickr: Christchurch Catherdral


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