Kitten In The Tree

🎶 There's a cat in my tree, dear Liza, dear Liza 🎶

Wellingtonista Awards - voting closes Monday night

Movember - final hours, help me get closer with a $20 donation

Microsoft's use of the "army of JavaScript-typing, buzzword-spouting monkeys"

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Movember - ONE day to go, $595 in sponsorship

Beware of IT excuses when you want to do something

Webstock (Feb 08) - 8x5 sessions, nominations close Friday

You're invited to a lunchtime picnic on the waterfront TODAY

Tell me if you like ...

Movember - 4 days to go and I'd like you to sponsor me $20

Facebook - is it starting to show it's true colours AND do you care?

Which Fronde employee is this?

Changing my behaviour - bloggers helping me

Things That Make Life Easier ...

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Is email dead - 7 guys in New York try to work it out

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Bus advert - it's all about the placement of the policeman

Wellingtonista Awards Gala - reservations are closed

Enterprise 2.0 starter pack

5 easy ways to protect your online presence with Dr Miramar Mike

Blogger label RSS feeds + how to set maximum number of items

New Zealand immigration bars Welshman's 'fat' wife

Wellingtonista Awards Voting AND Gala details

Verbs of being

Google Reader - the most useful tip I have yet read

2nd Annual Wellingtonists Awards - all 20 categories

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New (and) Improved ... how can you have the one with the other?

The future of IT Departments

Are you a friend of Harry?

Sometimes I can be an introverted wee flower

Bush: ‘Iran has Mythological Weapons’

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Hee hee, nice ... Do I need bigger cock?

Oh! My! Gosh! 3D-Mailbox, email delivered by jumbo jet

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Agile Barcamp is a go, go, GO!

You can't do this with a tea bag

Jonathan Schwartz making his blog truly useful

I think I'm gonna change my operating system

Miramar in the news - prisoner escapes and one of the rusting boats to go

Trolley buses, how do they do it?

Spammers Use Striptease to Crack CAPTCHAs

Michael Palin - yes, I am gonna spend $65 to have lunch and listen

Fronde's Movember charity run begins giving Fronde the perfect opportunity to grow it's "online presence"