Kitten In The Tree

🎶 There's a cat in my tree, dear Liza, dear Liza 🎶

RWC: My planned schedule

Fred Dagg - We Don't Know How Lucky We Are

Why did the chicken cross the road?

3 September events

RWC: 8 DAYS TO GO ... All Blacks, Boks and the French emerging as only contenders

Own a piece of King Kong movie set - the Venture

RWC: The sounds of the All Blacks (LOOP)

The film of the year will be The Golden Compass

Famous people at my bus stop

1 reason not to worry about file formats

Tell me if you like ...

RWC: No Hayley, results and "bleedin' obvious" statement of the week

RWC: Fortnight to go!

How Many Sexual Metaphors Can You Spot?

RWC: All Blacks scare others, Telecom Rugby Picking and more stuff for the 2 million ticket holders

"Moskau! Enter the hymen store!" ... it gets worse/better

"2.0" in plain English - explanations of RSS, wiki and 'social bookmarking' for your parents

If you thought the original YMCA was gay enough check out these crazy Finns

2 moons on August 27th - CANCELLED

One can never be too tired to dance like a gay Spiderman

Tits at lunchtime (+ pictures)

Top Kiwi kids site ... Bebo

RWC: Quiet few days with little to worry our pretty heads about

Google Reader and authenticated feeds ... how?

If Business Meetings Were Like Internet Comments

Residents of the seaside suburb of Mirimar* say they are fed up

Weird ... just plain weird

What is a good Apple laptop for me?

RWC: On the Welsh, French, Canadaians and only just the Italians

RWC: l8 nite stuf

Twice this week ... I dare you not to sing along

King Kong - free exhibition and $12 for the deluxe presentation set of the Production Diaries

4 ways of being productive DESPITE the organisation and how YOU can help

RWC: Ouch!

Skype is STILL down ... but getting better?

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz

It just gets better and better

Getting you own back on phone marketers

RWC: All the squads ... and that's it

The Forum: 'What's a frump to say' by Muffy

Tell me if you like ...

RWC: Fans, it's all about the fans

RWC: Mostly noise

Craft2.0 - come along to the NewDowse (Lower Hutt) this Saturday and meet the Riversdales

2 years ago I became a Kiwi

RWC: Squads galore and the bitching that comes from it

Thank you Dave Barry, Google search and the Web Archive

RWC: The numbers for you to gawp at

RWC: Squads, profiles and news