Life online will be whole lot easier when these are released

Whilst I am using at the moment to store all my files that I can't actually put into a useful online application (turns out to be mostly PDF and Powerpoint files) I'm not comfortable that they will be around for the long term (lack of funds I think - shame as it's quite a nice interface). Hence I would really like the big boys to come along and play (check out what have to say).

As you (may) know Google accidentaly unveiled their plans for a "GDrive" and now Microsoft has hinted at their version called "Live Drive".

Which ever gets there first will be the one with the kudos and the most media coverage ... but, will they have an open system that I can use with other online offerings (link to an online file from within my Writely document? Share/privatise files?) etc.

Aaaaand, what would I stick on these "file servers" anyway? If I'm using online apps to create the "files" then these online apps (Flickr, YouTube, Writely, iRows ...) will be storing them for me. Actually "files" is the wrong term as I don't create "files" anymore. I create content that is out there on the interweb and then I use it - sometimes I publish it, sometimes I allow others to edit it ... is this blog posting a "file", no it's a piece of content I created, published and now you're reading - no "file" analogy required!

So, what's the point ... apart from the PDF's and PowerPoints ... or maybe videos ... hmm, haven't thought about where we'll be putting the family video shows yet!


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