Building Styles

This building on Courtenay Place (Wellington, AoNZ) seems to have quite a number of styles incorporated into its design 🏙️

While you are waiting...

Super 12 ... but first 'France 18-24 Wales'


Weebl and Bob - captain

The Backyard: Fringe: Bad Manor

Longmire does Romance Novels

wellingtonist: Matt Couper @ Janne Land Art Gallery

April 22nd, 2005 ... crickey

Build a better Bush

NZ Political Cartoons

Natalie Biz at Miramar library

God's proof-writer

Animal sex offender gets hard time from public

Global blogger action day called

Ooh, a blue me

Is this the new "What's On In Wellington"?

Why aren't I kept informed

A quiet evening just me and my blog

Virtual Super 12 - join Tom's competition


2011 World Cup in Japan, I'd bet your money on it

Ah, celebrities, a little less brainpower than nature requires

Jack and his smoothies

Jack and Liz hang out together

A wee jaunt over the hill to Sorching Bay

Round The Bays Run/Walk 2005

Clearly someone that started with a plan

Mohammad Ali Abtahi

Anzac Cove and Mullet Man - summed up perfectly

One more envelope spam

Beaten by llew

Kissed Liz, checked on Jack ... and now eating peantus as I watch King Kong

Tui ad

Neither the blog subject nor the linked picture are funny on their own

Nice advertising logo for blogs

dogmouth photography : wellington

Blogging, the story so far

Some very talented people out there

Wales ease past Italy

SunnyO: Hot Abercrombie Chick - an interesting blog

Where women are real men

Outsourcing the torture

Hair today, going tomorrow

Jack has a pretend chat to someone

Oh! My! God! ... does Wales winning mean this much to you?

Like the idea of the on-line NZ Encyclopedia?

Nothing to say except, Loving This Sun

An opportunity just too good to miss

A perfect weekend of rugby

Jack just doing stuff

Miramar - where/who is it?

Late to work, loads of emails, requirements to document ... but this is must be read

Not one! Not one?

Fifth Annual Weblog Awards - give bizgirl your total support

Random Kiwi blogs

Google vs the new Microsoft search engines

30-something nostalgia from Mike

Wellington gets on down