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Solace in the Wind

It's a sculpture every Wellingtonian knows and every visiting tourist has a photo of, and I adore it. Here's some words about it: Solace in the Wind is a provocative naked bronze statue made by the sculptor, Max PattΓ© (b. 1977). He arrived in New Zealand from London in 2006 after a successful career working on films such as Batman and Harry Potter, and joined Weta as their head of sculpture. He created this sculpture as an emotional response to the end of his first year in New Zealand.

Life Eh, It's A Balance

I could turn this into an inspiration poster ... you know what, I'm gonna, LOL

Poor Little Lost Soul

Awwww, this wee fella has lost his Mummy and wants some help. I love a good "faces in things".

90 Days To Christmas

Only 7,776,000 seconds ... come on, get spending!!

Game Over

Following on way too rapidly from yesterday's faux novel cover I just couldn't pass up todays photo to add to the slowly increasing collection of fake Inspector Adam Gjelstad novel covers . I'm sure Adam won't mind, but that look screams out to be on the front of a crime book.

The Hospo Hangings

Another book cover in the yet to be written Inspector Adam Gjelstad crime series.

For Jo πŸ’Ž

There's a misconception that you have to like your family. Of course they are probably the ones that have known you the longest, but that's a measurement of time, not love. πŸ’Ž

I Clambered Up The Little Airport Hill

There's a tiny outcrop / hill / bump that's at the end of Wellington Airport that you'll drive past if you're heading to Moa Point or under the runway tunnel to Lyall Bay. I always wanted to go to the top of it. So on one hot summer afternoon I clambered my way up it to see what I could see .

Evening Ferry

The late Autumn InterIslander trundles past Moa Point on it's way into Wellington harbour.

I Am So Lucky In What I Do

Before working at Callaghan Innovation I was both a podcaster and created and/or facilitated events. Both of these endeavours were within the cutting edge of technology with people wanting to do new and valuable things with what the tech world was bringing to them AND that they were creating and taking to the world. And I now work full-time in an organisation that has a vision for Aotearoa New Zealand as 'a place where talent wants to live'. It does this by harnessing the power of exactly the same sort of people I've always had the privilege to work with. How lucky am I. For instance this is me getting a VR demo at how on-line hate speech flows generating insights for those tasked to 'deal with it', as created by Dr Hazel Bradshaw .

Webstock Stripping

Demonstrating my point by taking my clothes off on stage at the Webstock conference.

City Reflections Through The Bushes

Peering at the reflected city.

Why Are These 2 Together?

Tins of reduced cream and packets of dried onion soup mix are not the most obvious bedfellows, unless you're a Kiwi. So, why are these 2 products together in all NZ shops?

I Don't Think So

Looks blue to me.

Miramar Oil

It is a drilling platform in Evans Bay checking the quality of the water base under the harbour for use in emergencies. Turns out the water down there is not potable.

Cloud Shadow

A few minutes after yesterday's post . Spectacular cloud Shadow from the setting sun.

Distant Trees

Sunset backlighting the distant tree topped hills. I also remember just how peaceful it was when it took this photo.

Frosted Window View

I think this is a view through the old home toilet window, nice effect eh.

Summer Man

Summer man on his deck in full baking mode.

End Of The Pier

The Shelley Bay Wharf (I know, not "pier", but don't let the facts get on the way of a great title) has been crumbling away for years and years.

Dragons Do Exist

Who says dragons don't exist!

Unimpressed Giraffe

What's the look you see, definitely unimpressed by something 😁

Tarantula Moves

Still, still, still, turn on camera, move, still, still.