60s Style

"It's up, up, up for the modern city of 1963 with the worlds jet-setters heading to adventurous Auckland for sun, sea, and relaxation." 

fuck, I say FUCK gravity

TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 23rd-30th April, 2007

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StumbleUpon - the worlds most accurate personality test

Congratulations to Ilja and Daan - a baby girl!

NZ International Comedy Festival - the Wellington shows

Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing

This is what I call a delay in response

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix International Trailer

How to test your internet upload/download speed

TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 15th-22nd April, 2007

What a goal!!

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Best 'goat sex' line of the day

Home alone

Fronde CEO has his own blog

My proudest online moment - I have a mention on Dave Barrys blog

James Burke, Connections and the K-Web

Is anyone actually taking notice of the yacht race over in Spain?

Hard to work inside an organisation - the escape plan

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Where the hell is Matt?

Disco Hitler

JonnyB - first drunk and now bodily functions

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Weather = wet, cold, windy ... let's have a 4 laughs

Wellingtonista: Our online library

On Getting Creative Ideas: Google video

Microsoft website blooper on the 'Office Word 2007 top 10 benefits' page - still alive

Wellingtonista: Bowling competition, and you're invited

Why is it easier to work outside an organsiation than in it?

MiramarMike RSS feed now supports 'all of Miramar Mike'

Fat Freddys Drop in London, June 2007

King King premier, 2006 - awesome set of photo's

Software and technology - just too damn hard to use

Wellingtonista: Stinky poo, stink poo

It's the hypocrisy in the USA culture that gets me, for example ...

Knight Riders K.I.T.T. car for sale

Why is IT lumped in with Finance?

And why not - life is what you make it as this Goddess proves

Stuff (NZ old media) and RSS

Are you at all useful - let's find out ...

April Fools ... a few I spotted