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fuck, I say FUCK gravity

fuck, I say FUCK gravity - Originally uploaded by solidstate . Ha ha ha ha - wonderful title

TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 23rd-30th April, 2007

A very quiet blogging week with the top (and most commented) article being is StumbleUpon - the worlds most accurate personality test which begs the question why sensible companies even attempt to use this type of testing to choose who to hire. As for the masses of feeds I read the following shared items (to the right) are the most useful and relevant one week later (limiting myself to 10) - enjoy: Knowledge strategy - three journeys Dilbert "Boss blogging" Do You Trust the Cloud? Cool New Planet with a Shitty Name Six tips for tackling a dreaded task. Do you want to stop nagging? Before You Declare Email Bankruptcy… Its coming! 24 Hours of Flickr – A global Flickr community event Wildlife campaigners give up on ugly animals Six keys to a new team member’s success Once again, as there were no large uploads of photos for the week and nothing actually caught my eye enough to post - enjoy the the photos posted on Flickr that I have fed to me : And finally, Download Free Po

Tell me if you like ...

... licking the topping off iced buns

StumbleUpon - the worlds most accurate personality test Give it a whirl and then tell me that I was wrong .

Congratulations to Ilja and Daan - a baby girl!

More at Daan's blog post

NZ International Comedy Festival - the Wellington shows

When I first arrived in Wellington the annual Comedy Festival was going great but the, one year, it was all pulled back to Auckland only - aaarggh! But, sloooowly they've been extending it back out to the rest of the country and this year it's been held in Auckland and Wellington and with a nationwide tour of those that are up for it (big ups to Ed Byrne). My picks for the Wellington leg (7th-26th May): - Andrew McLelland's Mix Tape (Australia) - Dylan Moran (Ireland) - Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel () - Jeremy Elwood (NZ)

Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing

Usability is such a weird little word. To me, it means getting to the heart of something (usually software but could be a form, a book, a new gadget ... anything that people are expected to "use") and making sure it just bloody well works. It's also weird to me that it's taken so long for software-type people to actually think about making this something worthy of having a "title". Without a "title" it's assumed by all that it just happens. Add a title and people add it to their resource list, add it into their Gantt charts and ask for status reports on it. So ... usability testing - testing that something can be used. Sounds like it's the most obvious thing in the world and something that every darned product development (again of anything, book, website, toaster .... whatever) should do. Obviously not! We still need people such as Christine Perfetti to write articles titled Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing : Start

This is what I call a delay in response

Many moons ago (around 180) I posted A meme for our town and passed the meme on (as one does) to Michelle @ The Jamjar ("because she "LOVES Memes!!") ... that was in April 13th, 2005. A few days ago Michelle responded: but.. but.. I don't even *live* in freaking Wellington! Hee hee - on ya Michelle!

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix International Trailer

Hat-tip Mr Farrar

How to test your internet upload/download speed

[Updated] Thanks for the comment 'anonymous' and yes, you're probably correct especially after StumblingUpon that gives results (from Nelson) a lot closer to those I am paying for: -------------- Go to the Network tools page and check it out. My speeds came out thus: I will be calling TelstraClear on Monday for an explanation!

TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 15th-22nd April, 2007

I think my weeks top article is probably Hard to work inside an organisation - the escape plan as I point out that whilst IT departments are likely to knock you back when you ask for tools that you count as normal outside of an organsation don't let the buggers get away with it. My most commented on article is definitely my crowing about My proudest online moment - I have a mention on Dave Barrys blog - and I forgot to supply my blog URL so I got no clickthroughs from the highly popular Dave Barry blog, doh! As for the masses of feeds I read the following shared items (to the right) are what I would call 'must reads' limiting myself to 10 - enjoy: Bad Day at the Office - wellington Playing favourites #1: Wellington City Library - wellington Recreating vintage photos of London - toys Google Acquires Marratech; Gets Into WebEx Territory - tech-news Tap the Goat - humour Christmas party office fling embarrassment approaches month five - humour Tyukanov Revisit

What a goal!!

Whilst I am a rugby union fan through and through even I can see the incredible skill and strength in this: BTW: Did ya see the Crusaders v Hurricanes game last night? What, was, Nonu thinking (or not thinking) - what a friggin' idiot and I would be happy not to see him in the All Blacks this year - and that from a fellow Miramarite. And secondly, let's just hope Jerry is fine and recovers well, if he makes it into a black jersey this year then all well and good but up and fine is good enough.

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... blocking a ladybird's path so that it ends up crawling over your hand

Best 'goat sex' line of the day

From Scott Adams over at the Dilbert Blog, "Tap the Goat" : Was the owner planning to butcher the goat, and didn't want his goatburgers to have any special sauce?

Home alone

Liz , Jack and Meg have flown down to Christchurch for a long weekend (i.e., all the way from now until next Monday). The means I am home alone ... with some dollars ... and plans! Before I share my plans please know that this happens on such a rare occasion that it will be the simple things in life that I will be enjoying. The all night raves (does any say that anymore?), the weekend long orgies and the comic festivals are just gonna have to wait until next time. However, do not feel you can't point me towards other things to do during the next 120 hours. This is the plan so far ... Wednesday : Completed to 100% satisfaction Quiet ONE (maybe two) beers after work with whoever's around Home, get some DVD's for the week Takeaway pizza + cheap bottled beer Thursday: Complete to 90% satisfaction (missed the bath but fell asleep to an extra DVD) Work Wine with Philippa Home, bath ... luxuriate Friday: 100% complete ... thank you Pete, Ric and Crusader fans (especially Jus

Fronde CEO has his own blog

There are some in the IT world that "get it" . They understand that life is all about relationships and connections and that this applies equally within the corporate walls as it does outside. The new "Web 2.0" approach to our wee* electronic world is nothing if it's not breaking down of the traditional boundaries we have placed around a lot of items. Items such as nationality , political view point , information , organisation and even happiness , dreams and success . This breaking down of boundaries then lets the connections and relationships flow so much more naturally. It's great to see that Jim gets it ... in fact, I knew he got it and is helping others within Fronde 'get it'. And so I say, welcome to the blogging world Jim and, whilst I know that the blog is yours and not a Fronde branded site, I am sure we'll all see how the boundary between 'work' and 'not work' is blurred over time. Jim Donovans (CEO, Fronde)

My proudest online moment - I have a mention on Dave Barrys blog

My blogging/online life is complete: Dave Barry - IT HAD BETTER BE EXTINCT

James Burke, Connections and the K-Web

When I was a wee lad there was one TV programme that blew my mind, Connections This man, James Burke [excellent fan site ], came on and with humour, confidence and a lot of passion instantly engaged me as he took me through the world we currently live in explaining how the things in it (man-made I mean) have all come to be. He talked on how the world is made up of mistakes, chance and the oddest of moments and more importantly how the world is becoming both 'smaller' and 'faster' meaning it is seems to many to be more fragmented and what that means for you and I. The final episode of Connections is summarised as: “Why did we do it this way?” Essential moments from the previous programs are reviewed to illustrate the common factors that make for change. Will they go on operating to affect our futures? And if so, can we recognize them? The second half looks at the extent to which we have become increasingly incapable of understanding how change occurs in our complex wor

Is anyone actually taking notice of the yacht race over in Spain?

The latest bout of Americas Cup is about to kick off over in Valencia (Spain) and, of course, there seems to be an NZ side trying their damnedest to sail their boat around the course faster than the others. The NZ side is Emirates Team New Zealand aptly named after a foreign airline, *ahem* Anywho. There seems to be a wee bit of interest here in NZ, the odd TV advert now and again, a couple of news items popping up but really it's faded away from the heady days of red socks and Sir Peter Blake claiming the cup for NZ* for the first time in 1995 !? And so, to give those yachting people representing NZ* a wee bit of support from me, here's all the links that you will ever want : Official Emirates Team New Zealand site The team Americas Cup (English) site [ Wikipedia ] RSS: Americas Cup news RSS, Emirates Team New Zealand: news | interviews | features | pictures | audio Competitors Racing schedule + results Venue - Valencia in Spain [ Wikipedia ] * NZ = Auckland Yacht

Hard to work inside an organisation - the escape plan

This article is now at Enterprise 2.0 New Zealand style: Hard to work inside an organisation - the escape plan

Tell me if you like ...

... walking in the snow or on a sandy beach and making your footprints as big as you can so that people think a monster or a giant has left its tracks there

Where the hell is Matt?

Amazing travel/dancing video courtesy of Mr Reasonable over at Whispering Inferno . Seems like this guy (Matt) is having a blast in life and letting us all join in/watch via his journal/blog [ website ]. I have no concept as to how he can do this ($$$s), why he wants to and where it's all going and that's the joy of it - who cares, he's dancing around the world and making accurate and well thought out comments on the places he's in. On ya Matt! I also agree with Mr R, let's all catch-up with Matt and make it a fun visit in Wellington: I think those fine folks over at Wellingtonista Towers could organise a great Blogfest welcome for Matt if he gets to Wellington; a mass dance at the top of Mt Kaukau maybe? Go on, register on his site and get him to our fine city; he doesn't mention us once in his NZ journal so we need him here. Maybe he could dance with Queen Helen...... (and the outtakes video makes a great follow up to this vid)

Disco Hitler

No reason

JonnyB - first drunk and now bodily functions

First there was " getting home drunk but being not-drunk " and now he has nailed " talking about bodily functions " ... my wife IS LTLTP ... and suffers just as much! More at my Shared 'humour' links

Tell me if you like ...

... waking up thinking that it's Tuesday or Thursday and then realising it's Sunday This is just one of many questions from a brilliant children's book, Tell me if you like ... (by Gérrad Gréverand, illustrated by Magali Bardos) , Jack and I got out from the library today. I can't recommend it enough for those parents that want to entertain their kids as well as connect and share their own stories. The little things that make us happen are like magical moments. Our five sense dwell upon these experiences before tucking them away forever in our memories. Everyday smells, tastes and colours create impressions that strike a chord in a way that is sometimes difficult to explain. They become associated with your first steps through life, like countless little pebbles strewn along the way. In lingering for a few seconds on these special movements your realise what you like and don't like, and this way you get to know yourself better. Saying what you likes is a

Weather = wet, cold, windy ... let's have a 4 laughs

Two from Boing Boing - the first is titled, Hamster-powered shredder Secondly we have Boing Boings article, Real life vagina dentata : This device, apparently similar to a female condom but with razor sharp teeth, will go on sale this month in South Africa for around 14 cents. Apparently it's designed to fasten to a rapist's penis during penetration. Penultimate (but possibly most value) we have the Flight of the Chonchords (best NZ export since ... freezer containers) and their Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros set on YouTube via Wellingtonista (nice James ): And we end with Wandas pants ... the journey for Mrs Harland continues at even greater speed, brilliant:

Wellingtonista: Our online library

Wellingtonista: Our online library

On Getting Creative Ideas: Google video

One of my favourite subscriptions is to the internal Google seminars that they pop up onto, of course, Google Video. They range from esoteric programming techniques, via the reasons for certain formula in search to the other side of esotera and how we live within the world. The following is one I watched last night ... just fascinating! My feed is readily available as is their own On with the hour show:

Microsoft website blooper on the 'Office Word 2007 top 10 benefits' page - still alive

The page has changed as advertising has appeared but the content is still a wee bit wrong ...

Wellingtonista: Bowling competition, and you're invited


Why is it easier to work outside an organsiation than in it?

This article is now at Enterprise 2.0 New Zealand style: Why is it easier to work outside an organsiation than in it?

MiramarMike RSS feed now supports 'all of Miramar Mike'

The following RSS feeds* are available from MiramarMike Blog postings OR your email address: ( work blog ) OR your email address: Photos OR y our email address: Links I've shared OR y our email address: * Here's some cracking links explaining RSS: RSS in Plain English - YouTube video The Beginner’s Guide to RSS RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication)

Fat Freddys Drop in London, June 2007

What more can I say - go along to a Fat Freddys gig ! Wednesday 27 June 2007 Astoria, LONDON £19.50 General Admission 157 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2 8EN. Tel: 0207 434 9592 Tickets: OR

King King premier, 2006 - awesome set of photo's

Awesome set of Flickr photos from mikeybain of the King Kong premerier here in Wellington December 2006 [Updated] Aha, and now I know how Messr Bain managed to have all the stars looking/pointing at his camera ... coz he works with them at Weta Digital . And by coincidence I've discovered that TheNewDowse (Lower Hutt) will be hosting the King Kong exhibition - details ..

Software and technology - just too damn hard to use

This article is now at Enterprise 2.0 New Zealand style: Software and technology - just too damn hard to use

Wellingtonista: Stinky poo, stink poo

From Wellingtinista: Stinky poo, stinky poo Whilst Wellingtonista Towers is home to the funky, the hip and the connected it also houses the dads, mums and general caregivers to the next generation of the funky, hip and connected. For those that are also parents can I recommend the latest Kapitall Kids Theatre show at the Gryphon Theatre of Spike Milligan's Badjelly the Witch Whilst a paid theatre reviewer would probably use phrases such as "professional", "engaging", "a delight", "something for the adults" and "a must see for all the family" my son and I can only say - GO! It's a total hoot and you'll love the music (pop), jokes (topical) and acting (awesome). Details Where: The Gryphon on Ghuznee [ ZoomIn map ] When: now until Saturday 14th of April Time: 11 am, 1 pm; 3pm Mon - Fri Price: $10 per person, $36 for family How to book: 04-934 4068 or just turn up Age: 3+ years

It's the hypocrisy in the USA culture that gets me, for example ...

They* claim to be the land of the free but have no sense of others property, right to speech or even life (both internally and externally ). They claim that everyone has the right and ability to be who they want , even the president of the United States. This is clearly a lie - what black, Hispanic, gay, female, poor, homeless (all or some of those) has a chance? They claim to be a God fearing nation which, on the face of it, maybe true ( 90% believe in God , *crickey*) ... but what about all the killing? Surely if they truly believed God existed and could exact terribly afterlife revenge upon them they would be living each and every minute doing their level best to be nice to everyone and everything - think vicar not soldier or bureaucrat . (this nugget of a thought was inspired by Scott Adam's e-book, Gods Debris - a cracking read) I dunno - maybe we only care because they are rich** and it's easy to knock the rich guys. Who, for instance, ever talks about NZ in the same w

Knight Riders K.I.T.T. car for sale

You know you want one - only US$149.995.00 to you sonny This from the seller, Kasbian Motors ( Dublin, California ): 1982 Pontiac Trans Am 305 V-8 engine 2,393 original miles This vehicle has been "Title Only" never registered for street operation. PHS documentation This is one of the 3 original cars Pontiac donated to Glen Larson to film the Knight Rider TV series. It is one of only 4 surviving T-top cars from the series. (1083, 1084, 1087, 1177) None of the 10 series cars have ever been offered for public sale. Cars 1084 & 1087 are on display in museums. One in Keswick, England and the other in Auburn, Indiana. Car #1177 has had all electronics changed by a reproduction company and does not have any of the original equipment from the series. This car was a Picture or Hero car used in all 4 seasons of the series. In season 1&2 it was car #1083, for season 3&4 it was renumbered #1197 (Both numbers still remain on the car.) This car has been restored to it's

Why is IT lumped in with Finance?

I don't know about you but I have found that IT* departments are normally lumped under the Finance area and it bugs me. I get the why - historically computers were used solely for counting numbers ($$$). And if the IT* section is big enough it gets its own report to the CEO/head cheese ... hell, if it gets big enough it becomes its own division or even company. But, for the average sized companies IT* is stuck under Finance ... why (see above)? If it really has to go 'under' something wouldn't HR make more sense? IT is generally about people and process - people doing things for a reason. The tool (the computer in this case) is merely that, a tool. Whaddya reckon? *IT = Information Technology. But IT gets called a gazillion different things for almost as many reasons - ITS, ITSS, ICT, Computer Dept are just some I've worked in!

And why not - life is what you make it as this Goddess proves

I'm not sure what else to say, The Sun headline is Tooting Man is Hindu Goddess Key phrases: jobless man from Tooting (South London), goes to India, takes on Hindu Goddess persona, has many many followers ... Oh, and be aware the story is sourced from, I repeat, The Sun [ Wikipedia ] For those that don't know, The Sun is a British national tabloid in the truest sense - aimed at your working man on the street (as defined by The Sun) that are, apparently, only really interested in sport, politics of a, "Gotcha!" sort, tits on Page 3 and rumour from the entertainment industry. Reader beware. This whole story was sourced from the fine Dave Barry

Stuff (NZ old media) and RSS

Finally Stuff has RSS feeds , even down to the local paper level. But check out their restrictions on use: Important terms of use: These channels are for personal use and only in news reader applications. You may not publish headlines from these channels to a web page. If you would like to publish our headlines on a website, please send an email request to How does that work with my Google Reader - it is a web page? And when I think the world might (!) want to know I click a wee 'share' button. The shared items are then available via my blog (to the right) and on the Google Reader pages . They're are all web pages as well. Not really thinking are they?

Are you at all useful - let's find out ...

What do you actually do? I mean, what purpose do you serve the world in your professional capacity? Are you actually doing stuff that is actually, really, truthfully creating something? For me, I can come up with a string of tasks I do ... stuff you know, things I do to fill my day. What I can't come up with is what benefit any of it is to anyone ... in tangible, actual, real terms. (for those that saw my previous attempt at a CV will not have any problems with that statement!?!) Before I go on I need to just clear up that I'm talking about my 'professional' life here, not my 'personal' one ... that's quite fulfilling and focussed on very tangible, touchable and real things. Also, don't get me wrong and think this is all "Oh woe is me, aren't I the poor misunderstood IT-type person" stuff, not at all. What I am doing is questioning the basics of my (and your?) existence in order to ensure that what I do is actually worth it. I suspect a

April Fools ... a few I spotted

I giggled when I heard that Christchurch Cathedral is to be pulled down next week due to structural damage and the site has been bought by a Russian businessman for a hotel and aquarium! ( source: National Radio and Newsroom website ) What else, Scotsman banned from pub for farting , mummified fairies discovered and that's about it really ... Oh, nice ones from Google: Gmail paper that archives all your email onto paper and, even better, their announcement of TiSP : Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines. Whilst there are many more being added at Wikipedias excellent 2007 April 1 page I would also recommend: BBC: The art of fooling around Guardian: Fooling around Dilbert blog: April Fools Jokes