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Rugby World Cup - Where To Find Them Online

Here's the very simple list of 4 places to get EVERYTHING Rugby World Cup 2011. Tying it all together is the tag which I strongly recommend you use in your tweets, photo sharing and everything else online as they are actively tracking and re-sharing the good stuff: #RWC2011 1: Facebook Where over a million have 'Liked' their page: 2: Twitter This will be used for the up-to-date info during the comp: They have also created a number of useful Twitter lists: 3: YouTube Exclusive match highlights at half-time and full time PLUS behind the scenes over the matches and festivities around New Zealand: 4: Flickr All the photos they and everyone else takes: And if you want to share your photos pop them into their p

It Snowed

It snowed in Miramar! It snowed in Wellington CBD, it's snowed in Auckland. It snowed. And it flashed and banged in the sky. The power has flickered on and off. And we have all giggled and squealed at some point during the day. What an amazing time, and we're only half way through so who knows what we'll wake up to tomorrow. Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo .

6 Years Of Being A Kiwi

And it's been awesome! I love this country ... well, to be honest I love the city of Wellington and even more specifically the suburb of Miramar as it evolves into the best wee spot of land to live in. Happy 6th Citizenship Anniversary to Karen as well! AND, it transpires that Liz and I have been together for 10 whole earth years as well ... my, what a week of celebrations.

It's Easy To Look Back And Laugh ... So I Am

... so what about this ...

The Acoustic Tour with Anika Moa and Barnaby Weir

If I can I will see you, her, him and everyone else at the Wellington gig: Thursday October 6th, The Garden Club [ 13 Dixon Street ] ANIKA AND BARNABY WELCOME SPRING! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – jump outta the winter blues this spring when Anika Moa and Barnaby Weir strap on their guitars, strumming and humming through your town this September and October on their first accoustic tour together. Bouncing like new born lambs through daffodils Anika and Barnaby take their mischevious, but light hearted show through vineyards, halls, theatres, cellars and cinemas of New Zealand collaborating on new, familiar, and sometimes surprising material. Anika will be releasing a CD of NZ artists covering songs from her recent Gold Album, Love In Motion. Artists include Street Chant, Julia Deans & Cairo Knife Fight, to name a few. Barnaby, while not only making a name for himself in The Black Seeds also released his debut solo album Tarot Card Rock earlier this year which met w

NZOnScreen Wants You!

During the upcoming Rugby World Cup, as part of the REAL NZ Festival (the cultural arm of the rugger), Wellington company Storybox has teamed up with NZ On (excellent website if you haven't checked it out) to create two massive container installations on the Wellington and Auckland waterfronts. And we're looking for volunteer hosts to be rostered on site during the six week period. I [ Anna D ] thought you may know of some keen beans, preferably NZ film and TV buffs who are enthusiastic, approachable and good at dealing with the public. You may have come across a super intern recently, perhaps know a young person or have a friend who wants something a little extra on their CV, or maybe know someone with an exceptional screen knowledge that just needs sharing. If you could pass on this picture we would be most grateful. People can get in touch directly with Mark Westerby . Do come and check out the project during REAL too. It's prett