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"Do You Have To!?!", A Game For Parents

No matter what you do your offspring will find you embarrassing, so why not make a game of it ... that's what we thought and here it is. The finest game is one where the child knows the rules as well, have been told the game is on and yet still they gift points at every conceivable opportunity - that's winning on a whole new level :) I've been asked how to get your child embarrassed and whilst there's the obvious plays that we can all do - giving a hug at school drop-off (especially point making with teenage boys), singing in the car when you're taxiing them AND their mates around and explaining why today's music is not as good as music in your day - only you really know that embarrassment button your child has. All I say to you is find a few more buttons, practice pushing them and then, PLAY ON! How to win Within the allocated timescale gain more points than other parents by embarrassing your kids. Timescale A normal game plays over a calendar

Why Daphne Fairfax Jr

Across the Internet I have two distinct faces, there's the "MiramarMike" one that many see, it's the "Mike Riversdale" from the office , it's me trying to make a difference and it's a curated person that tries not to offend (challenge, yes). And then there's my other side. Which is not in anyway more real or 'authentic'. It's the side of me that discusses non-work stuff, chats to friends and family, shares photo's of the cat and, from time, cuts lose. That side of me has a different name, Daphne Fairfax Jr. But why that name? One of my heroes is an English comedian named Arthur Smith  ( @ArfurSmith ). He is a man that lives life to the full, is inherently funny, does his own thing and, through what dhe does makes a difference. And he doesn't give a shit about the small stuff in life. Daphne Fairfax Jr? "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Arthur Smith unless you're from the Bromley Inland Revenue Depart

RetroRWC: A social media history project

I love this from two very clever, passionate and social media savvy chaps based here in New Zealand - Tim and Hadyn Hi, and welcome to our little social media project, that allows us to have some fun during the upcoming RWC, and share some of stories that make up the community of rugby along the way. ... We will collate stories and events from the previous seven RWCs and tweet them at the matching time/point in the tournament. It won’t be a date based recreation, but an event based one. Read (and share) the full brief in their public doc, "Big Idea" And where will the stories appear: Don't forget your free and live iCal rugby calendar covering all the #RWC2015 games ...