Flickr: If you know me then you're probably online

I'm sure you've been following my life on-line 'experiment' with bated breath (or is this the 1st time you've heard of it) and are fully aware that I've been transferring EVERY photo I've ever taken with a digital camera (from 1999+) up onto Flickr (and some scanned old ones as well). Well, I've uploaded every single one - around 8,000 pictures. Actually, this isn't quite true as Jack and Meg are the last to start the trek up into the Internet cloud and will probably be a week or so before they are all uploaded (watch Jack and Meg's sets grow)

So, you can find any picture I've ever take with you in it and all the news ones as I put them up. And here's how:

by Sets:
I've got the following sets of photo's (think photo's of the same stuff) - click, wait and browse.

Examples for sets are:

by Tags:
This is the funky way of finding those with just you! These tags aren't complete and might be a bit misplaced but bear/bare with me as I slooowly sort them all out

Examples of tags I use are:
You can also combine tags such as "Derek and Monmouth"

How to get your picture "offline"
I can make picture private if you're desperate to have them removed from the world gaze.
Find the picture(s) you want and then email me the Web address (URL) showing in your browser window. I will then set the access to "private" and only I will be able to view it.


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