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What Would You Do With "Unlimited" Internet Storage?

Really, say it was NZ$50/year and you had 10 terabytes of space which you could increase in terabytes at an extra cost a $5 Note: this is all made up and I do not have such a service to offer you ... but it's coming, just look around ... believe me, it's coming. What would you use it for? For me I would have ALL my music online and available whenever I wanted it, no more choosing what the iPhone will store. Every music track I've ever bought. But that is temporary because it's all going online anyway; the concept that we will own a physical anything is gonna evaporate and we'll merely purchase the rights to play something wherever we are, whenever we want and however we want - streamed instantly to us. But for now, ALL my music online. And then it's every home video I've ever made is going up! Possibly every DVD I've ever bought (LOTR will chew up a wee bit of space, but hey $5 and a terabyte back). But video is bound to go the way of music (it's jus

Christchurch On Monday Should Be A Laff

( Crusaders 24 Hurricanes 30 ) Mind you, have you seen Chickipedia - The Wiki of Hot Women , thanks to @kalena  we now have knowledge of the ultimate useless/useful wiki ;-)

Do NOT Mail; Do NOT Call (NZ)

In New Zealand and get annoying sales calls at 6pm and/or spam in your letterbox? Don't want it? Read Miraz's (pass it on)

Fantastic Australian Letter Fed Up With Dumb-Ass Government Forms

Great find from David MaCgregor over at ThoughtSpurs click for biggery

This Website Is [No Longer] Blacked Out

[Updated: 23-Feb-2009] As you've all probably read/seen the NZ Government has delayed the implementation of Section 92a. I'd like to congratulate Bronwyn and Matthew as well as all their supporters for an amazing effort. Read more at many news websites , here's the low down from Radio New Zealand : The Government has announced it will delay the introduction of a controversial new copyright law due to come into effect this week. Last week the Government was presented with a petition signed online by more than 10,000 people against Section 92A of the Copyright Act. It requires Internet Service Providers to disconnect users accused of illegally downloading copyrighted material, and opponents say people will be disconnected without evidence or court scrutiny. Prime Minister John Key says the implementation of Section 92A will now be delayed until 27 March to give the industry time to agree on a voluntary code of practice. Mr Key says if there has not

Internet BlackOut - Join The Protest Against NZ Section92a

Wow, Stephen Fry , Leo Laporte , VodafoneNZ and many MANY more are changing their online icons to a black square in protest of the New Zealand Government bringing in Section 92a ( my previous posts ). The protest is being lead by two totally separate groups: and ... wait for it, Peter Dunne MP . Here's the opening stanza from CreativeFreedom - : ---------- Join The New Zealand Internet Blackout to protest against the Guilt Upon Accusation law 'Section 92A' that calls for internet disconnection based on accusations of copyright infringement without a trial and without any evidence held up to court scrutiny. This is due to come into effect on February 28th unless immediate action is taken by the National Party. Join thousands of New Zealanders already against this law by blacking out your Facebook photo, your websites, your Myspace pages, your Twitter account, in protest against this unjust new law that may

The Ending In My Favourite Film Of All Time - Casablanca

And hey, you can watch the whole of Casablanca online ! Anywho, here's the ending, cracker

Jim Explains How To Wish Those Debts Away

Become a bank and pretend - read more at The weird and wonderful world of corporate accounting

3 Small Things That Give Me Big Rage

Toothpaste tube squeezed from the top Clothes line pegs on the ground Interruptions when it's OBVIOUS I am busy That is all, carry on

Golliwogs - They're OK, Apparently

Note: Whilst this post was drafted well before the Golliwog-laden BBC/Carol Thatcher scandal I am, of course, very happy about the timing :-) Over the past week* I've asked the question, " Gollywogs (stuffed toy), OK or not OK? " (my bad spelling was kindly overlooked by all, thank you). I asked using txt, on Facebook **, via Twitter and a few face-to-faces. The overall response was saddening to me. But first, a little context as to why I asked the question ... I was in a Smallfry , a Wellington kiddie toy shop (Upper Level, Capital Gateway, Thorndon Key) hoping to kill some time with the kids as we mooched around on a Sunday afternoon when I noticed a Golliwog or two for sale. "Christ, another one" I thought to myself thinking it was only the "venerated" Kirks ( Kirkaldie & Stains , the Wellington version of Harrods but a little less grand in scale) that happily pushed this relic from a distant past. Somehow it's understandable (not acceptab

Virtual Super 14 - I Am MiramarMike, Who Are You?

Sign up , add me (" MiramarMike ") and crack into it! The Hurricanes are holding a free public training and autograph session at Maidstone Park in Upper Hutt on Thursday 12 February. Come on down and meet the Hurricanes as they prepare for their 2009 Rebel Sport Super 14 opener against the Waratahs at Westpac Stadium on Saturday 14 February. An open training run is from 3.15pm - 4.45pm, followed by a meet the players and autograph session from 4.45pm - 5.15pm. Enjoy the More FM BBQ and meet Captain Hurricane, plus loads of giveaways - posters and tattoos.

June 2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography

Sorry for the delay folks between May and this look back in colour. June, is winter here in New Zealand but did we let that slow us down in our adventuring ... no, we did not. We jetted off to Staglands Wildlife Park, had Jack leaving Miramar Central Kindy and starting Worser Bay School (VERY exciting), mates over, the Storylines Festival, birthdays - just all on! Staglands Dylan, Meg and Jack Flickr meme mosaic Crazy skater on Oriental Parade Orries v MSP (2008) Storylines Family Day Jack's 5th birthday party at Junglerama Jack's Kindy 5th birthday goodbye Jack's 5th birthday present opening Jack's 5th birthday Chocolate Frog brekkie Jack's 5th birthday dinner at Great India restaurant Jack's first morning at school Mooching in Miramar mid-2008 Wendy, Conrad, Henry and Bella over for dinner Carol and Jack All photos taken by Mike Riversdale

Wiggles in New Zealand

Having seen the classic mark 1 lineup you can imagine how excited we are at the Riversdale abode that after a long 5 year wait we will be joining the throngs at the Wellington gig :-) The tour of New Zealand 2009 is bound to be a sellout so don't delay in getting your tickets ... get some for the kids as well what the hell The Wiggles are generally very family friendly. Tour dates with links to the evil Ticketek to reserve your very own place on this historic tour - The Wiggles Live in Concert NZ 2009 WHAT’S red, blue, yellow AND purple, AND LOTS OF FUN THE FAB FOUR for the UNDER FIVES …… THE WIGGLES! TICKETS ON SALE MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st, 2008 Get ready to Wiggle New Zealand! It’s nearly time to dance live-in-concert with the ‘fab four for the under fives’ at 'The Wiggles Live in Concert’ in 2009'! The Wiggles look forward to touring New Zealand in 2009, for the first time since 2005! Join Anthony (Blue), Jeff (Purple), Murray (Re

Hee Hee - Made Me Laff Anywho

2 screenshots I've had on the computer for a while. Firstly Dawn with a little self love: And the following shows how much my own company is out to help it's staff by replicating the whole of Google Labs within itself, *ahem* By the way - you going to Webstock, don't forget to say hi if you are ...

Starlight Express for Skylight: Charity Preview - 30th June

Received this from the most awesomest community agency going, Skylight (yes, I used to work there): Skylight is going into the New Year with great energy to makes as much of a difference to the lives of young people in New Zealand who are really hurting because of grief in their lives. One of our sources of energy for doing this is through a Charity Preview showing of Starlight Express - the fastest show on earth! We are extremely excited to be able to offer this opportunity. I would like to encourage you to buy tickets for the June 30 Charity Preview at Wellington TSB Arena . Please nominate Skylight as your charity of choice. There will be 3,000 seats available in total so the more tickets sold for Skylight the more revenue we will generate. How does this happen? The special price is just $50 per ticket . Plus, The Really Useful Group (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s company) and Ticketek have all waived fees and royalties. That means $45 from every ticket sold will go to the nominate

If Only Banks Licensed These Videos And Put It Onto Their Websites

Borrowing Money in Plain English Saving Money in Plain English

Alan Sugar Tells It Like It Is - Experts Know Naff-All

Top find from Jim -  SIR ALAN SUGAR: The so-called experts know double naff-all Since then, I have never allowed any so-called expert to advise me what to do with my money. Trust me when I tell you they know naff-all. If they did have some magic way of making money legally they wouldn't be dealing with you, they would be off making it for themselves.