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Two Leaves

The Aotearoa New Zealand (#AoNZ) bush can be so alive during a rain shower. All the classic words tumble out, vibrant, thriving, nurturing, you get the picture. I initially edited as below but somehow the full leaf (above) is better - if I had managed to get a crisper focus perhaps the following would've worked

As Seen At Owlcatraz

Owlcatraz is up for sale and I assume these two residents of " ye olde Shannon jail " and their 998 companions could also be yours.

21° At 3:15pm

Warm afternoon in Levin

Still The Greatest Pop Music Video Ever

Dream Scene

When the Mad Hatter has her birthday party all the characters come out to celebrate.

With The Greens In Parliament

#PartyVoteGreen and we're likely to get an Labour + Greens Government on September 19th - what's not to love about that? Check out the Greens policies and what they already achieved this time around.

Columbia Private Hotel

What era comes to mind? What movie does this conjure up for you? Who would take rooms in the Columbia Private Hotel ?

Sunset Swing

The Miramar kiddies play park at the top of Wilberforce Street has some glorious sunsets. It has swings, seesaw, climbing frame, tables - perfect for family evening f&c.

What's Up Dudes?

Just the three of us hanging out ... sort of. @MiramarMike, @RobinInce, and a t-shirted @NormanLovett1

Faceted Wings by Nadine Jaggi

Designed and created for Lindsay Embree and Arnfinn Prugger, two art collectors from Canada.

Puddle Power

Puddle reflections of power slipping away.

Tony Is Awesome

I wonder who Tony is / was. Looking at the original photo location it might actually be Tony Cairns, in which case I agree with the star πŸ‘

'Ghost In the Shell' Geisha

Hacked geisha robot as created by Weta Workshop for the 2017 movie Ghost In The Shell and exhibited at The Roxy Cinema on the films release.

Twitter people spotting

Who do you see in this photo at DK 's 2017 " Speaking With Purpose " event? 


The Roxy Cinema (Miramar, Wellington) is the finest cinema in all of Aotearoa New Zealand. FACT!

What The Fuck Is That?

It was the cheers of the children you could hear first. The shouts of, "Play Knees Up Mother Brown", "Can I drive it Mister?", and of course, "What the fuck is that?" Ah, happy times before the invention of the walking telephonic device and the subsequent by-laws to remove gigantic musical bicycles from the city. In Wellington, around the year 1885, the most prevalent was easily the Cuba Pedalo Man with his gigantic horn covered by a silk parasol.  Who indeed can forget the enourmous confusion caused, the bemusement upon the faces of all that saw it, and most vivid to those there that day, the sheer number of people having to step aside as it rumbled it's way down the street - upwards of 6 or even 7.

Museum Innovation, Needed?

Behind the designed Mahuki door innovating was happening. But not enough innovating of the sort people with money wanted. So the door was closed for ever.

Slanting Lines

Is it just me or do the frames look, wobbly, slanted, not straight? The more I stare at this the wobblier it gets.

Mt Kaukau Peaking Through

As all those in Wellington let me know this morning, "What a glorious morning?"- what's not to love?


Here in AoNZ most are buffered from the travails of COVID life raging outside our borders, if we can do anything it's give hope by living the best lives we can. #BeKind  

Ancient Bus Ticket

It was the end of 2009 when the paper '10 trip bus ticket' disappeared and the fancy @TeamSnapper card replaced them. Does it seem 10 years to you? The Snapper card was also gonna replace all 'loose change purchases' letting you do so much more than just buy a bus ticket: Wellington City Council will also be Snapper-enabled and spokesperson Trina Saffioti says the payment system will be available at council-owned recreation centres and pools. [..] a high level of interest from the retail sector, especially from video stores, dry cleaners and shoe shops;  source : The Dominon Post,  Snapping at the heels of the 10-trip bus ticket [Jan 31 2009] "Video stores", how the world has changed in a mere 10 years. What's gonna be smiled at in 2030, "working in an office"? 

At The Setting Of the Sun

We Really Were There

Nice edited photo of Dan Khan, Raj Khushal, and myself at the 2017 Wellington launch of #TechWeekNZ. No, really, we were actually there.

It's Always Good To See Smiling Marianne

There I was in 2017 standing at the checkout paying for my apples and I look up to see, plastered on the far wall, the smiling face of Marianne. Made me smile then and it does now.

Cooking Up A Cloud

The Genghis Khan restaurant on Majoribanks Street (Mt Vic) has been in my Wellington life from the mid-1990s. A number of life changing events have occurred inside and I shall always think of it fondly.

Follow The Light?

Or is it stay away from the light, I can never remember. Also, is it "Great minds think alike", or "Fools seldom part"?

Best Foot Forward

Yellow (?) & Blue

(second double photo in as many days πŸ‘) I love the cobalt blue sky, the yellow (?) of the buildings, and the reflections of all in the towering windows. When Wellington puts it on it's farking glorious

Concrete Monstrosity

It's bloody stark, brutal, and definitely not to everyone's taste but sometimes I admire the sheer weight of bureaucrat power and influence expressed in some of the Wellington buildings.

The Best Of British

Not sure this is the "best", but the UK Goodies shop in Petone certainly has a number of nostalgic sweets, crisps, and other edible goodies.

Apply Sunset Filter

I have so many of this view I became blasΓ© taking them - oops

DANGER Not To Be Operated By Fuckwits