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What We Learned At The Roxy

Duncan and I popped along to see Prometheus 3D last night* at The Roxy here in Miramar. After a few mistakes working out who actually was going to buy the tickets Duncan rushed in after work to get us two. "It's quite buys I'm afraid, we only have two seats together in the front rows, row C is available." "Oh", said a disheartened Duncan, I mean whoever wants to sit in the front rows, straining up to seer the screen looming in front of you. "No, no", said the ticket dude, "those are the best seats for 3D films." "Hah, yeah, well, you have to say that as there's nothing else available", said a cheeky companion. "No, seriously, that's where all the staff go when they watch 3D movies. You see ..." And this is the gold, prepare yourself ... "You see, the 3D glasses, when used in the centre of row C, exactly fits the screen. The rim of the glasses goes around the film perfectly. And it's b