Mt Kaukau Peaking Through

As all those in Wellington let me know this morning, "What a glorious morning?"- what's not to love?

May I wish you all an early-ish Happy Christmas

I s'pose some sort of countdown is required


Meg is crawling big time

Anyone seen, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated"

Serious people with serious things to do being harassed by a complete timewaster

Where oh where to live in Wellington?

Buy our big red car - Seat Cordoba (1995)

She's back

Now part of the Christchurch (NZ) tourism industry

International 'Talk like a Pirate Day', 19th September

Web 2.0 (technology) finally gives way to Social Web (purpose)

Thomas is a little blue engine ...

Hay-on-Wye castle

Same me, different name

Life online: My first casualty?

Facing down Jonny Wilkinson