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It's all going pretty well actually and I've uploaded all my word-y documents (less than 0.5mb limit but there were only 3 over that anywho). I can now publish my documents to anyone and, if I so desire, even open them up for editing a la a Wiki (more on my Wiki in a few days). Here's a few anyone can read without my having to worry about converting to the Web:
I think I can blog Writely documents as well but I'm not too sure how.

The desktop (Netvibes) has just been upgraded and I had to do nothing - a hidden bonus that I never thought of, as new functionality appears it appears without me having to install a darned thing. Best of the new features is tabs (multi page), it was getting a bit crowded on that one page.

Still haven't signed up (ie, paid the money) for Flickr Pro through sheer laziness, sometime this week!

The one major issue I have with life online at the mo' (apart from the ongoing time it takes to migrate everything up - but once it's done that's it forever) is the lack of sharing of contacts. I have my contacts (people, email addresses etc etc) in Gmail as it's where I use it the most BUT I could also use it in Writely (who can edit a document) and 30 Boxes (invites to calendar stuff). There's no (as far as I can tell) way of having a 3rd party place for people that can be used be all other services. A pain that only Import/Export seems to be able to sort out.

So, there is a downside. The same as PC based apps though as Outlook doesn't share with Thunderbird which doesn't share with Yahoo! Messenger ...

Might revisit the ToDo list option (currently Backpack) as it's not really feeding out as I'd like. I think 30 Boxes are working on a ToDo option so we'll wait and see what they come up with and then I'll probably revisit the options.

Oh, and I'm sort of using as my online file storage. It was a module from Netvibes and I can't wait for the much anticipated Google "G drive" ... although I can see me migrating across once they do release something. is doing it for me at the moment (1Gb space so would run out quite soon). Luckily I've discovered most of my PDF's are out there in/on the interweb so I'm just bookmarking them.

So, that's it - 7.5/10 so far and that's a massive leap from the 5/10 I was experiencing with PC based applications. If I got a (free) space-unlimited network 'drive' (8/10) and sharing of contacts (9/10) I would be sorted.


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