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Boring Made Interesting

I'm sure it's a worldwide act of local council's to engage artists to art-up the various boring but necessary boxes, buildings, and items of infrastructure. Credit where credit is due, Wellington City Council does a particularly good job all over the city, we have some great ones here in the suburb of Miramar.  This example is along Courtney Place somewhere. Coloured abstract infrastructure

Why I Am

This picture is the end of a conversation. Wind up merchants The kids were off to Christchurch on their own, and after a series of fog delayed flights, me getting back from Sydney they were dropped off at Wellington airport with the instructions Let me know when you are through security and in the departure lounge. And then when you're seated on the plane I get a message from Jack I'm through security but Meg has been taken off by the guards because she had a pair of scissors in her bag. We board in 5, I don't know where she is. What the fuck!! Jack, tell me more, what's happening. Find her! I text Meg, "Where are you?" She replies I'm in a room, all good, but I might miss the plane WTF!! Aaaagh Then I received the photo. They were winding me up. I ♥️ my kids because they did this. It is so them, and makes me so proud of them. They arrived on time and safe and sound. Of course.

Hack Mojo

Meeting at Mojo Bond Street was a quirk of Hack Miramar during it's height and so a perfect place to hang the Wellington Community Award (2nd place) it won in 2015. 2015 Hack Miramar's Community Award certificate

Long Gone

Not just the Wellington Central Library, where this 2015 photo was taken, but also the racks and racks of DVDs. DVD shelves at Wellington Central Library (2015)

Oh sorry, let me correct that for you

The spelling of Miramar with two "i"s raises an inappropriate level of grrrr-ness within me. Having said that, the first spelling here is either one of genius, or one of somebody having an aneurysm. Spectacular misspelling of Miramar


A stunning August early morning back in 2015. Whairepo Lagoon Wellington  

Just A Typical Kiwi Supermarket

Nice eh, it was originally the brick  Thorndon Brewery  tower New World Thorndon 150 Molesworth St, Thorndon, Wellington

No Bus Surprises

A wiped porthole in the cold morning to watch for the bus.

To Live In A World

There are many many parts of this planet that make me smile, one such place is the  National Candles  sign along Egmont Street in Wellington. Candles are inherently soul charging and that there is a factory shop implying a trade is to be made out of them fills me with glee. (National Candles Ltd shop sign)

Chicago Living

Reading  On the Groundbreaking Documentary That Brought the Birthplace of Chicago Blues Alive  by David Dann led me to YouTube and damn me if I didn't watch the whole thing,

Books May Not Be With Us For Very Long

No, nothing to do with technology but that the paper books, newspapers, letters etc used is starting to crumble away, and there's nothing we can do about it. The Little-Known ‘Slow Fire’ That’s Destroying All Our Books by Chloe Vassot on the Relentless, Inevitable Process of Decay is an eye opening read, unfortunately. It’s called a “slow fire,” this continuous acidification and subsequent embrittlement of paper that was created with the seeds of its own ruin in its very fibers. Seems it's all about the mass produced paper from the 1850's on that has a problem -  highly acidic, weak paper. From the mid-19th century until now, we’ve never had more paper, more print materials floating around our world. And there’s about to be a physical hole in the historical record that coincides precisely with the largest creation of printed materials in human history. Of course we may not be able to save the medium (the books, the newspapers, the letters) but we can, and should, s

As Long As No-one Knows Where I Live

Despite James' original worries concerning Dr No's henchmen he was convinced that no-one would find him in his secret Wellington apartment. "It isn't even #7 ... cunning as a snake", thought Jimmy.

UK Lessons Learnt

Back when I was more active on Twitter and post my first UK trip back to see Derek, my Dad who now lives with dementia, I popped up a few "lessons learnt" - here's what I collected for a draft post a while ago, who knows if I missed any because all those tweets are now gone. UK lessons learnt: #1 Love is all   UK lessons learnt: #2 Always move beyond your boundaries otherwise they will determine who you are.  Small people live small lives thinking about small things.  UK lessons learnt: #3 Listen more than talk.  When the conversation, no matter how 'interesting' is always about one's self then the impact is more than just loosing an audience.  And listening is not just hearing.  UK lessons learnt: #4 #Brexit is a subject NOT to be broached.  Everyone that I (accidentally) did do instantly expressed weariness and that the "all politicians were just in it for themselves", and they "just lie to feather their

Michelle Visits The Berber Women

Ouch, that eyeliner deal looks bloody painful

Strathmore View

Not a view most think of from Strathmore,  the original photo was taken on  Kinghorn Street  according to the photo data.  I had a lot of fun playing with this in  Snapseed  on my phone to get something a little different, quite happy with it.

A drink fit for 007

Back in 2015 The Roxy Cinema, here in Miramar, had a season of showing each and every James Bond film, in order. Every Sunday evening, for quite a number of months,  I tootled off  to watch the latest and ask for a spicy tomato juice as my movie drink. Each week the awesome staff would make it in a different style 👍 [Updated] I ♥ that this has a timing of 0.07 This video was created from the original STATIC photo as seen above using a quite cool mobile app, Pixaloop .


The wonderful Dale at his Bond Street Mojo

All tangled up


(and it tastes like the end)

The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug

White Architecture

Gleaming in the $ sun (Odlins and Ambulance buildings)

A Hackathon Looks Like ...

... work, but there is a huge difference, it's work with people that are passionate about solving the same problem as you. Clare Curran visits the 2015 GovHack in Wellington

Hidden In the Shadows

Chocolate Frog cafe wallpaper

How does it feel

I see a ship in the harbour I can and shall obey But if it wasn't for your misfortune I'd be a heavenly person today

Waiting for the Bird Bus

Who remembers the 2015 spate of pigeon pictures around Wellington?

A Good Old Fashioned Welcome

This sign has now been replaced by a modern one

Where Am I From?

Bloody obvious isn't it!

Birthday TARDIS

I can remember where, when, who, but not what number.

Legoland, Aotearoa

It's tall, it's rectangular, and it stands in the middle of Wellington - but is it worthy? (1 Willis St, Wellington)

Sunset #125,753

So many glorious sunsets from Miramar - this is one of them

Launch Yourself Into Life

Never wait for life to happen to you

Painted Ripples

Thin Then Fat

Isn't it meant to be the other way around?

Outstanding In His field

A moment's peace and time to catch-up on the book