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Depression & Anger: 2 More Things

It's been a little time since the " Depression & Anger: The Dastardly Duo's Latest Adventures " post ... well, quite possibly it's been short for you, life went on, work happened and shows were seen. For me it's been very similar with an underlying sense of EVERYTHING IS CHANGING. So much to write about, so much to tell but let me try and gather my thoughts and not overwhelm you with a brain splurge (those I leave to the family and close friends on all the types of instant messenger thingies :) Oh, god, how rude - my first action has to be say THANK YOU! Fark, I was blown away by the support shown to me on Facebook, via emails and in real life - I have had a lifetime of hugs, words of encouragement, people telling me how proud they are of me and ... well, it leaves me speechless ... for a little bit. I cannot say thank you enough, but I'm gonna try! Never alone, xx In this post let me tackle just two things - drugs and friends! A photo posted b