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How A Daily Photo Keeps Me Sane

Despite a wobbly brain I'm doing just fine. Circumstances ebb and flow, work fluctuates, the weight goes up but mostly down, and the black dog seems to have taken itself off for a long overdue deep sleep. How can this be, surely once depressed / suicidal then forever that. I'll be honest, I thought that when it first dawned on me that maybe this is something that is with me forever, requires constant managing, but could also go away, and certainly not define me. (wanna know a secret, it also felt like a special power, a thing that made me different and shiny. But also that if it did ever go away then there would either be nothing left of me or that I would be a sliver of who I wanted to be ... these thoughts are all bollocks, that's the secret) So how did I get here? No surprises that it's through the same old 4 pillars I've leant on since it all went BOOM! Drugs Counselling Exercise Support I'd like to add in another small but extremely powerful f