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What UK train company to use?

Finding the train journey, the cost and the changes was easy BUT it then asked me what "vendor" would I like to use ... and I don't care. Or do I? Are there ones to avoid? Anyone? Actually, I've already plumped for Virgin as I like red.

Women's Rugby World Cup in Edmonton (Canada)

Of course they'll be nothing about the competition here in the UK as it's a "mans" game but for those in more enlightened places ( broadcast time in PDF ) don't forget to support the current holders next week and, I'll bet your next weeks wages on it, the winners. All the important games on my Rugby Calendar And on the All Blacks for what was roundly reported as a cracking win (especially the 2nd half) in South Africa. Didn't get to see the game but will be watching the final Tri-Nations game this Saturday once I find out what time it's on. Thanks to those that txt'ed me the fine result.

To Jonathan Davies in Monmouth

Sorry, I've not paid for the full Friends Reunited (UK) service and so can't reply to the message you sent via their website. Love to catch up though - send me an email at

London done .. dun

Of course it can never be truly "done" but it is for us this UK trip. Had a grand time staying in Ealing (guest house run by "actress Anne" - look out for her in an ad running from Sept 3rd as she sings and pole dances, not bad for 45+) and getting up and on the tube by 10am each day. Visited Natural History museum and the special dinosaur exhibits, Science Museum (not as "hands on" as I remember via my rose tainted view of the past), trek through Hyde Park (and chase of squirrels) and Italian cafes. Overwhelmed at Hamleys. Tourist bus trip around city. London Eye - a must for any London visit. Buy in advance and, if you can, have kids with you, as the queue goes down from 2 hours to around 10 minutes. Madame Tussauds. Brilliant. Little Britain (wheelchair characters) were my favourites, just amazing detail. Regents Park, London Zoo and to top it all off a visit to Camden Market for Liz (she used to have a stall there during her OE ... we found it) Weath

Crickey, you should've seen the bags left lying around

One thing before we tootle off to London for a few days (4 and it's costing a fortune just to breathe the black air) - when we came back from Stockholm we landed at Heathrow and the baggage claim area was packed to rafters with unclaimed bags (airport security and all that from last week). I was tempted to take a trolley load home with me ... I would've passed them on to their rightful owners, of course, but not before seeing what fun articles had been packed away for that romantic trip to New York. We had the pleasant experience of having to report a lost piece of luggage (I know, and with all that spare to choose from) and a broken buggy ... thanks BA. Whilst talking with the dude at the counter we casually mentioned all the luggage and, um, er, shouldn't it be "removed and disposed of" as the tanoy system is constantly telling us will happen if we so much as think about leaving unattended luggage around. He raised his eyebrows and sighed, "You'd thi

Swedish wedding done and dusted

It's been busy and I apologise to all the attractive and intelligent readers of this blog for my tardiness in posting ... to the rest, welcome to a c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r, don't hurt yourself. Rob and Linda 's wedding was fabulous and pictures are being loaded (such that we took, we were very lacklustre with the camera in Sweden ... probably because Adam was present and he takes a picture every 30 seconds even when he's asleep). The ceremony on a wee outcropping in the lake was gorgeous, simple, captivating and engaging ... loved it. The photo sessions went on too long and we all had to wait for them ... as is traditional and to be expected and endured. The celebration venue was cracking and the dinner was Swedish with speeches, awesome food, songs and held together beautifully by the best Toastmasters in the world ( me and Cecilia) wearing traditional headgear. Rob's new family are brilliant people as are all his new friends. They all evacuated they houses to put u

Computers are getting a little too damn smart

Watch the video at » The Virtual Fluid Interactive Application | OhGizmo!

Meg's page

What a wonderfully dressed Monmouth lady

Isn't she wonderful - no idea who, what, why ... but I do know where, top of town in Monmouth

The wellingtonista and local bad boys

It's not my bag, baby! | the wellingtonista ... ha ha ha ha

In some ways this might make flying a whole lot easier

The UK Department of Transport has been quoted as saying : Passengers who do make it onto flights, are not allowed to take any hand luggage with them apart from a few essential items in clear plastic bags. Sources at the Department for Transport have indicated that these current restrictions on hand baggage could become permanent. Well, we'll all get on planes a whole lot quicker and I won't leave my hats on them (yes, the last NZ hat was lost flying to Sweden) or cameras! What will the plane makers do with all that unwanted locker space?

Talk with me when I'm online

Those fine and clever folk over at meebo (the way I 'instant message' the world) have let us all have a natter when I'm online using my meebo me widget! . I've added it to the left-hand menu and you should be able to start typing without much bother but do let me know if you have any issues. You will need to have Shockwave installed and it's a wee bit wide so I might have to turn it off for those using 800x600 screens.

Crickey - but we made it to Sweden yesterday OK

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Plot to blow up planes' foiled

Off to the wedding tomorrow

Well, the day is drawing closer for Rob and Linda as the Riversdale's/Boyle's fly out tomorrow to Stockholm for the Saturday wedding . I've been given the honour of being co-MC for the day and so will sit in a quiet place over the next few days and come up with something wonderful to say about both parties ... all suggestions (both personal and from a general "how to" point of view gratefully received). Life in Monmouth has been ... interesting. We've had a wee fella off his food ever since Saundersfoot and he vomited and had the runs this morning. Doctor (Payne ... wonderful eh!) said he probably had a gastro....blah-blah-blah and to watch him. He's actually been a lot better and maybe he got rid of the bug. Meg is changing by the second. She's now pulling herself up, can't stand being in one place for more than a nano-second and will be running down the aisle on Saturday if she has her way. Other than that. Not bad. Having to "deal&quo

Plan B ... see you in Aotearoa mid-October

Weeeeeelllll, the grand adventure has had to change tack due to some navigational errors, rocks in the way and sticking to our plan. The problem is "family". Not they are the problem per se but that they are the reason we are here and without a job around the immediate area we're just not gonna get to see them. And that hasn't happened and more to the point the majority of the jobs I am seeing (and up for interview ranging from £45k to £55k) that I can do are London/SE based. A few in Bristol and Cardiff which we initially thought would be close enough but really, it isn't. And so, we're now on a 3 month holiday . And for those here in the UK that had already expressed the idea of the through that we might possibly make it the whole 18 months ... we want a cut of the sweepstake :-) It's not worked out as we had thought BUT it is working out exactly as we hoped . Let me explain. We came over for family and for Jack and Meg to bond with the grandparents, mee

Stag Do, survived

Some of the pictures are being shared and I've uploaded them ... no naughty ones. More to come ... no naughty ones (I would be killed). The Stag Do involved 4 days, 8 blokes, plane trips into Edingburgh from 4 countries, many many pints, whiskies, Haggis, boobs (mine, mostly), a naughty Stag Do word, illness, shooting, driving (on roads and off), rugby stadia, tiredness, pictures, kayaking, reading, climbing, almost car crashes and one heck of a lot of fun. Looking forward to catching up with everyone at wedding in Stockholm in 2 weeks. In the meantime the Riversdale's are off to Saundersfoot for a 2 day mid-week break. Further news to come after that as Plan B is being put into action and the Riversdale's are very excited.