Functional Beauty

It's just the overflow channel for the small Korokoro Dam, but still, beautiful eh?

On-line calendar

Any artists out there?

Rugby Sevens this Friday and Saturday

Just a few of us around and about in January

Life just rolls on doesn't it?

Sorry ... *giggle*

Bow before your official sanctioned co-leader

Where can I get two pairs of false boobs in Christchurch?

How long should we go to UK/Sweden for?

A question from the past

Voting has commenced, llew isn't your choice

Buskers Festival - recommendation

Mum and Dad have gone

A life online

Google when it was a Uni research project

It's her birthday tomorrow (Fri 20th)

What is your sort known for?

Best CD of the year

Attempting Pilates .. but with a slight handicap

Jack and Meg during the early weeks of January

How the other half lived

A quick hello from Liz and Mike

More madness from Ricky Gervais

Pilates has to get me away from this

Kids in bed and asleep by 6:30am

Wellington band to kick off Friday's BDO

2005 on the Web

Our divorce can't be far away

Netballers at the rugby Sevens

Seen this, anyone?

Excuses, Excuses!

Why is it ...

2005 NZ sporting moment, photo and the like - vote for yours

Every family has its quirks

The sound of my Kiwi summer must now include ...

No more All Black Tana

My brother is gonna get married

I don't know what the real story here is ...

Wellington Sevens - costume suggestions required