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On-line calendar

The search to put everything on-line off a PC continues. Whilst the CalendarHub has a wicked interface and is very easy to use the RSS feeds just don't work. And so I've come along to which does just what it says. It's an old system without much work happening on it for a while which leads me to think that it might just dissappear one day ... so the quest continues. Oh, I've found nowhere to store the files as openomy is still too young and 'in development' for my liking. So, the score: USING: Desktop: Google Personalised | Netvibes (great interface) | My Yahoo! USING: A pen (word processing): Writely USING: An in-tray (email): Gmail USING: Bookmarks: TRYING: spreadsheet: Num Sum TOO MUCH TO UPLOAD: A photo album: Flickr A briefcase (to store files): ???? TRYING: An organiser (to do, etc): Backpack DIPPING TOE IN WATER: Calendar: USING: A newspaper: loads ...

Any artists out there?

This did look quite nice - thanks to Webfroot I'd love to be able to draw ... actually, I'm not that bad I just think I can't and therefore never do. I see a new addition to the "must do before I die" list.

Rugby Sevens this Friday and Saturday

See you at the game OR you see us on TV. Graeme and I will be jetting up to Wellington this Thursday afternoon in preparation for the Sevens for the weekend. We've got our 'official' Jamaican Netballers costume coming together - red rasta hats (with dreads), yellow tops, black skirts (short) and boots ... you won't miss us all (7 of us!) Check out the latest Sevens news here but mostly here and the draw (match timetable) here . We're back early Monday morning, don't forget it's Waitangi Day so you'll be thinking about this awesome country and how cool it is and we are to live in it. Or you'll be watching the TV and the political bunfight that normally happens and wondering why the few that get on the TV bother - the rest of us will have a blast. If you're in Wellington I'd love to catch-up - drop me an email ( ) and see ya soon. Oh, and go well Wales in the opening weekend of Six Nations games - they'r

Just a few of us around and about in January

Graeme (Uncle to Jack and Meg) has a giggle with the wee fella. Jack and Zoe watch Graeme slice up the fish after a mornings work out Lyttelton way. Of course they have completely gone from Jack and Meg's life by any stretch of the imagination, which is awesome for them both. And then the Kids Patch at the Buskers Festival (finished today - the picture is of Stacey & Tracey from OzStar , the MC's for the kids stuff) before heading off to the Botanic Gardens and a dip in the pool at the awesome playground ... We're weaning Jack off the "blandett" - he can have it at home and, if we think it's gonna be a loooong day, in the car but no more carrying the thing through the undergrowth :-)

Life just rolls on doesn't it?

Been a while since I actually told you what's been happening down/up/across here in Christchurchland with the Riversdale's. Here ya go: Meg (2 months) is growing up fast and she's still one whopper of a person (for her age). In fact, she's now into clothes that are designated 6-12month and not looking too shabby. She's gurgling like a trooper (we call it talking but, you know) and has been smiling for ages. She's sleeping mostly through the night and we're starting (only starting) to move out of the baby sleep and into a more normal human type of sleep pattern - long way to go yet before Liz and I can pop out to the pub/movies/clubs. I love Meg more and more and now she's giving back so much already she's making it easier and easier for that to happen. Jack seems to have taken all the changes in his life extremely well and I am constantly amazed by both his ability to go with the flow and the way he takes new experiences on board. He's had to h

Sorry ... *giggle*

It's not his fault, he was given his name Hat tip D.Barry

Bow before your official sanctioned co-leader

According to Morphess and her dreams (nay, vision, plans and detailed goals) outlined in her World Manifesto, If I Ruled the World the following will be taking place in a short time, once she has gained your populist vote for her mighty blog : Llew and Mike get Wales and New Zealand to do with as they wish, moku's are allowed - and perhaps should be made mandatory - but no facial hair please Mike. As noted by your new co-leader in response to this new position we will immediately look into shipping vowels from one and spread them around the other whilst moving some of the consonants the other way. Please stay tuned for the world domination dateline, NZ/Wales handover celebrations and the new stamps for your envelopes ... PS: still in consultation with her Supreme Highness and Giver of Jobs to the Worthy about the goattie - I mean, look at Sean's!!

Where can I get two pairs of false boobs in Christchurch?

Anyone, leave a comment? All in a good cause ... of course.

How long should we go to UK/Sweden for?

For those that have been following the lives of MainlanderMike (known to most as Mike ... Mike Riversdale, no hiding of identities on this blog, ooh no siree bob ...always wanted to say that [gets out life goal list, tick]). As I was saying for those that read the blog will know that my brother (4 years younger, slightly taller, much fitter and always garners the comment, "Oh! Is that your bother Mike? He's such a looker ... wouldn't have gues-" - especially from the girls!) is getting married to the lovely Linda (from Stockholm, Sweden, great laff, tall and very good looking - yes, they are fairly suited) on August 12th. Of course his big brother (with accompanying family) will be at the ceremony (in the Stockholm area) and this has lead us to have nightly chats about exactly how long we should go for. Two weeks is the first answer as it must be standard "Western" (how can NZ be called a Western Country - west of what?) holiday allowance - how nice of tho

A question from the past

In my trawlings for the previous post ( Vote For Trivial Pursuit , you know it makes more sense than voting for SunnyO) I found this question from Llew in Morphess' Of all the bars, in all the world... Mainlander Mike... did you not run into some old girlfriend from the UK while watching the rugby at the Waterloo Hotel in Wellington? Posted by: llew | Monday, September 5, 2005 The answer is, Yes. But it was the Ferrymans Pub. And a strange moment it was. I also ran into the same ex-girlfriends ex-boyfriend in Auckland. He was a true English 'character' that had lived on a house-boat in Oxford before they both decided to travel the world. Unfortunately they couldn't agree on the route and/or the company (a relationship on the wane) and so off he headed alone to meet up on the bottom of the world. She stayed in the UK, saving up the money ... and in I moved, literally at one point. She finally upped and offed and that was that. A year or so later I was in by Au

Voting has commenced, llew isn't your choice

I feel let down and despondent - SunnyO won't be your man as he didn't even make the finalists. Who do I give my Bloggies 2006 "Best Australian/New Zealand Blog" vote to ... the obvious choice would be Morphess at Trivial Pursuit but, to be honest, it's been a bit barren on that front for a while. When the posts come they are some of the funniest/poingiant readings you'll experience but it is a case of 'when'. Then again, I don't even know who the others are. And Caroline's Trivial Pursuit is actually on my "Regular Reads" to the left. Not really a decision to be made is it - quality should always count over quantity (a lesson I should probably learn) and I'm hard pushed to think when she's dropped the quality, ever - check out these recent examples: ... I am making the far more awful discovery that my right ear plug is not, in fact, the lovely mouldable wax that I normally ensue but some old nicorette chewing gum Bloody a

Buskers Festival - recommendation

It's Tuesday and the opportunity to see the buskers will rush by and be gone too soon. Get out and about, forget having that sandwich in the office, don't go and sit in the normal place and sip your juice, give the gym a miss just this once. There's loads of cool things to do but it'll stop on the 29th! And then that's it for another year here in Christchurch. (unless you truly do only live for the rugby) I've been lucky enough to be in the right place and the right time to see nearly ( almost ) everyone I had earmarked last week and some I hadn't but were very good . And the best, by far, was Mario - Queen Of The Circus I only got to see the final 10 minutes of his show but will be making a point of being there for the whole thing on: Tuesday January 24th – 4pm Cathedral Square Wednesday January 25th – 1.15pm City Mall Starbucks Thursday January 26th – 2pm Cathedral Square / 7pm CPIT Busker Comedy Club Friday January 27th – 1.15pm City Mall Starbuck

Mum and Dad have gone

Not for ever, obviously. They flew out from a sunny and hot Christchurch on Saturday afternoon with a few tears but not a huge amount as we'll all be meeting up for my brothers wedding in August ( see next posting ). They flew into a very sunnny and extremely hot Brisbane. With them being here for quite a while (they've been away since 10th Dec but we got them in out mits on the 22nd) we definitely got used to having them around. Even when they slopped off to Hamner or down to Dunedin for a few days you always knew they were gonna be back. Was a bit weird Saturday afternoon when they weren't. We're now left in chez Redwood all on our own (just the 4 of us!) as Carol (Ma-in-law) is loving staying at Jane's (Sis-in-law and on family hols in Singapore for ages). She gets to use the wee sporty car, not have kids toys all over the floor and generally have a wild old time of it.

A life online

This is what I am trying to do at the mo, put all of my content on-line and not have it sitting on a PC at all. Gives me complete freedom with my information. An excellent article about how you might at A life online: living decentralised (Mercurytide) They talk through how you can switch to on-line versions of - the links are to the free tools I'm using (trialing): Desktop: My Yahoo! | Netvibes | Google Personalised A pen (word processing): Writely An in-tray (email): Gmail Bookmarks: A spreadsheet: Num Sum A photo album: Flickr A briefcase (to store files): openomy An organiser (to do, etc): Backpack Calendar: CalendarHub | Yahoo! Calendar A newspaper: loads ... They say the biggest drawback is that if you're not on-line you can't get your data. In todays connected society (and becoming more each day here inNZ) that's not one I really worry about. What I have an issue is that the differing solutions are all stand-alone - RSS is helping a great deal wit

Google when it was a Uni research project

Wow! How the small can grow to encompass the world ! They were called Backrub in these very early days, check out the complete set of the mostly donated hardware including:

It's her birthday tomorrow (Fri 20th)

Go on, make Eroica's day and leave her a comment at Frogstar World E: i'M NOTHiNG iF NOT SUBTLE If you know her actual address you could email/snail-mail her.

What is your sort known for?

With the power of Google we can now find out the stereotypes that others see us by. Kiwis are known for ... ... ingenuity ... good-natured bluster ... fowl-weather prowess ... tinkering ... friendliness ... hospitality ... Cantabrians are known for ... ... can-do approach to conservation ... very one-eyed ... friendliness ... staunchly proud of their province ... Australians are known for ... ... no-nonsense commonsense approach ... uncomplicated friendliness ... directness ... obsession with sport ... relaxed and friendly mannner .... innovation ... Welsh are known for ... ... singing ... choirs .... voices ... drinking ... tenacity and stubborness ... English are known for ... ... love of tea ... cherishing their traditions ... poetry ... their reserve ... conservatism ... dry, ironic humour ... Swedish are known for ... ... quality workmanship ... bribing and selling arms ... deep kneading ... reluctance to support de-institutionalisation ... using blueberries for diarrhea ...

Best CD of the year

I know, I know, it's only January. The Phoenix Foundation , Pegasus CD will be the standard against which everything else will be measured. Buy at Real Groovy Buy at SmokeCDs

Attempting Pilates .. but with a slight handicap

And I don't mean my manboobs !

Jack and Meg during the early weeks of January

Sorry, souldn't think of any clever and smart-alec type title. Enjoy (it might look like I've put one photo up twice, but they're subtly different and I pushed the 'upload' button a bit too fast)

How the other half lived

A Sunday jaunt out to Godley House (Diamond Harbour) to see how I should have lived: Before stepping aboard the yacht ... or in this case, the Akaroa Harbour Cruise, but one can dream And then to check out the new house in the park

A quick hello from Liz and Mike


More madness from Ricky Gervais

[Update 18-Jan] Just heard that there's gonna be 12 in the series ... collect the whole set and then you won't have to buy the CD that's bound to come out of it :-) In fact I'd better get my skates on as I'll miss a few 'episodes' as they are only available for 4 weeks after upload. Check out the latest at Guardian Unlimited | Ricky Gervais | Ricky Gervais podcast Episode 7 January 16 2006 In which Ricky, Steve and Karl discuss... The pictorial canonisation of St Karl the Bewildered; how fingers that do dishes can feel soft as your face; sound advice on maintaining good neighbourly relations; Karl's choice alter ego; the philosophical truth that is 'cogito ergo Karl'; sowing the seeds of doom; medical technology in the 21st century; monkey news. Download the mp3 file here (suitable for playing directly on your PC or copy it to your portable player) Download the MP4 file here (enhanced for iTunes and photo iPods) Subscribe to the podcast - MP3 Use

Pilates has to get me away from this

Manboobs - We're Fat And We're Proud ! Hat tip to that Dave Barry person who has the 'best' links sent to him

Kids in bed and asleep by 6:30am

Liz and I watched the news together. We then watched some other programmes. We chatted. No kids. We nattered to Graeme and Sarah when they popped over. No kids. It was all very grown-up. No kids. We can't remember when we had a time so early in the evening with ... No kids.

Wellington band to kick off Friday's BDO

Good on ... ... for winning Amplifiers 2006 Live And Local competition

2005 on the Web

2005 year-End Google Zeitgeist TIME: The Best Photos of the Year 2005 Yahoo! 2005 Top Searches

Our divorce can't be far away

Both Liz and I have, in separate incidents, lost our wedding rings . Yep, the universe is obviously speaking and it's saying, "Hey, I thought you guys said those rings were meant to be temporary ones ... where's the real deal?", or it's telling me that Anika Moa won't wait for ever .... JOKE! Strange how it happens though. Liz thinks she might have lost her somewhere on our travels yesterday. That means it's either in Riccarton House and/or Bush or at Ferrymead Heritage Park and that's never gonna get found by us. If you happen to be wandering around in these areas and see a silver ring with subtle fern leaf impression please let us know. Mine . Well, I took it off this morning and put it on the sofa as I smearing Jack with sunscreen. I have been known to catch his little fingers on it and it hurts the poor wee sod. And I must've just got up and away. So, it's probably still here, somewhere. [Update 16-Jan] Mum Betty found my ring ... it

Netballers at the rugby Sevens

(your input is required further down the post so stick with us ...) Ai, stay out of the circle and don't walk with the ball - we're coming to the Sevens dressed up as netballers. When I say we I mean Tim, Graeme, myself with Amanda, Kim and Karen with a maybe from Adam (go on maaaate, you know you want to). Mind you, Graeme (bother-in-law) knows nothing of this yet as he's away from the whanau commune and on holiday. That should be an exciting moment for him. The garb: White T-shirt - tight is the go, sleeves fine but not long Navy blue skirt (above the knee) Boots - the bigger the better :-) Karen is gonna check out the bibs (things with numbers on) and we (Stunned Graeme and I) will bring the ball. That just leaves 'accessories' - Karen mentioned tying up her hair, all fine and dandy but Graeme and I aren't exactly covered all over the bonce with hair. So, my (our) question to you all find fine blog reading people is what can we do/use to accessorise? make-

Seen this, anyone?

I'm on the free and (seemingly) comprehensive Be There "What's On In Christchurch" email and I only just noticed the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Exhibition (ends 21st Jan). Anyone been to this, and is it anything like the LOTR exhibit which, incidentally, is back at Te Papa someteime soon. Maybe I'll see you in true Christchurch/Edwardian dress at one of the Sunday Bandstands :-)

Excuses, Excuses!

Stolen from the Excuses, Excuses! page [Updated 13-Jan] Which I discover is the same as Excuse Notes from Parents on my very own (if 'old') Weird But True The following is a partial list of actual written excuses given to teachers in the Alburquerque public school system by parents of students: Dear School: Please excuse John from being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and also 33. Please excuse Dianne from being absent yesterday. She was in bed with gramps. Please excuse Johnnie for being. It was his father's fault. Chris will not be in school because he has an acre in his side. John has been absent because he had two teeth taken off his face. Excuse Gloria. She has been under the doctor. Lillie was absent from school yesterday because she had a going over. My son is under the doctor's care and should not take fizical ed. Please execute him. Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hit in the growing part. My daughter was absent yesterday

Why is it ...

... if you tell someone that there are two billion stars in the sky they believe you, but if you put up a sign for wet paint they always have to check for themselves? Via TV Cream out of Bob Monkhouse

2005 NZ sporting moment, photo and the like - vote for yours

Haydn over at Grabthar's Hammer has the most excellent review of the year (man, those photo's are wicked) and would like to know your choices .

Every family has its quirks

My immediate family (that's the Riversdale's to you guv) is made up by the joining of the Boyle's and the Eggleston's - and if you still don't know why we're Riversdales and not Eggleston-Boyle's/Boyle-Eggleston's then please pay attention . From this we get some interesting family dynamics one of which is that the Eggleston's tend to use the parents first name when talking to them, such as, "Carol, can you get me ..." from Liz instead of, "Mum, can you get me ..." which happens with the Boyles. Now, I've been reading The Oxford Muse and in particular a self portrait by Christopher Whalen where he says My parents are quite liberal. For example, I call them Moira and Sandy, rather than mum and dad. Why should I call them that? It’s not their name, is it? It’s just a role; one facet of their life. I don’t call my brother, “brother”, do I? As a result, I have felt close to my parents. There are two things that happen to me whe

The sound of my Kiwi summer must now include ...

... A Prairie Home Companion Yep, I love this show and the fact that Radio NZ broadcast it during their National Radio 'shut down' for the summer hols. So, from now on it won't be summer (or Christmas for that matter) without a lazy Sunday morning listening to some bluegrass/American folk music, gentle comedy and Garrison Keillor's dolcit tones. Strange how life goes ain't it!

No more All Black Tana

His international career was always gonna end soon but to be honest I didn't think it would be before the World Cup next year. Fair call on his part though and I just wanna say thanks Tana for being a true captain, a cracking media savvy communicator and one that never got too big for himself. I'm sure the rest of your All Black mates will miss ya far more than the rest of us. I will never forget Haka he lead against the 2004 Welsh side - it stunned and silenced us all on that Sunday morning at Adam's old flat. Go well and hard in the Super 14 - Hurricaaaaanes, Hurricaanes! We're not playing tiddly winks here mate. This is a contact sport Peter * Some comments and reviews of Tana's All Black career: Planet Rugby: Tana hangs up his boots BBC Sport: Tana quite international rugby Stuff: Tana's a hero for life Google News: 'tana all blacks' Yahoo! UK: Umaga puts family first Yahoo! UK: Umaga quits All Blacks Radio NZ: Todd Niall - Bye bye Tana Zinzan Broo

My brother is gonna get married

Forgot to say - my bwill brother, Rob and his wonderful partner, Linda are gonna get married early August in Grunewaldvillan which I understand is about 20mins by train from Stockholm centre ( Sweden ) ... Linda is Swedish you see. Awesome! So the Riversdales will be in Sweden for a few weeks come this August - and thus the exciting year begins.

I don't know what the real story here is ...

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children - read with your well informed and highly sensitive cynic wide awake on your shoulder as well as checking out the source , it might have an agenda. Still it is quite shocking. What a government that America must have. Hat tip to No Right Turn

Wellington Sevens - costume suggestions required

I know we (3 guys, 3 girls) are probably leaving it a bit late BUT we are keen (I said we ARE keen people!) to dress up for the Wellington Sevens this Waitangi weekend. We've had thoughts about cartoon characters, TV programmes, movies, sports teams, rock/pop bands, characters from literature ... More specifically: Netballers, double the Three Musketteers, Roman/Greek/Nordic/Babylonian (LOTR) warriors ... So, suggestions