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Street Corner

Think I Got A Bit Of Paint On Me

Wellington Colour Run, March 2015


I Do Love My Cassette Laptop Bag

(cute, eh)

Typical Hackathon View

From a Hack Miramar (now defunct) #hackathon back in February 2015* (ideating all over the place) * I think, although I seem to recall we held it in November 2014

Atatürk memorial

The memorial looks out over Cook Strait and the site was chosen for its remarkable likeness to the landscape of the Gallipoli peninsula. source: Memorial to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first leader of the Republic of Turkey

Rush Defence

Yes I am neck deep in the #RWC2019, why do you ask?

Becalmed Waka

Steampunk Drums

#Wellington #Batucada, originally formed November 2001 for the Cuba Street Carnival,

Now THAT is a ramp

Nitro Circus at the Westpac Stadium (Wellington), 2015

And Lo, The Light Did Shine Down Upon The Righteous

Autumn sunset over the Eastern Suburbs

#RWC2019 Kicks Off Tonight

Don't miss it or any games: (one of the many plaques found along a Cardiff walkway between the Principality Stadium and the River Taff)

Harbour ripples

Removing A Walkway

Post the Kairkoura earthquakes, which gave Wellington a big shake, the walkway between the Council Buildings (now shut) and the Central Library (now shut) was removed pretty smartish.

In A Sunset Sky

A long time ago in a cloudy sky far, far away...

Superb Summer Suburb

Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, The Milky Way, Observable Universe, 6022

Open, But Not Anymore

From milk bar to trendy bar it had seen a lot. Did you ever go to this Cuba Mall classic, got any Matterhorn stories?

Time To Clean Up

She's been toying with her brother for way too long, time to end this.

Bath Time

Look at that tap, just imagine the sound of the warm mud gurgling through as it fills your health giving bath.

Now THAT Is An Entrance

Walking up to the  Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa / Rotorua Museum * through the Government Gardens still delivers an imposing imperial / empire / colonial architectural sight. The museum is housed in the former Bath House building which was opened in 1908 and is noted as the first major investment in the New Zealand tourism industry by the government. [ Wikipedia ] * still closed due to earthquake risk

Bloody Hippies

The True King Of Hobbiton

High over Hobbiton the evil boss surveys his domain and makes his plans.

Up High Over Rotorua

A fantastic activity holiday in Rotorua back in the summer of 2015.

Setting Sun Shadow

Following on from yesterday's photo ...

A Rotorua Park Sunset

A walk back to the 2015 holiday home with an absolutely gorgeous sunset, prepare for a flood of photos from this walk.

Bring Your Big Game

Eastern Suburbs Adult Party

It all goes down in the Eastern Suburbs, so I'm lead to believe.


This was a most excellent email from one for the kid's schools - passing in for everyone. [tl;dr] Get everyone, including yourself, vaccinated. Don't pass it on if you contract Measles. Dear Parents and Caregivers Over the past few weeks the news has highlighted the rising number of cases of Measles in the Auckland area. As a school, we are following this closely. With holidays approaching and the likelihood of travel increasing, the risk of the virus spreading beyond Auckland also grows. Measles is a virus which spreads quickly and can result in complications requiring hospitalisation and, in the worst instances, death.  Immunisation provides the best protection against Measles. The vaccine is free of charge and can be arranged through your GP. If your student has completed the standard vaccination schedule with vaccinations at 15 months and 4 years they will not need vaccination. If you are unsure whether your student has received the vaccine, you can check their Plu

Summer On The Way

#RWC2019, a plan

Last rugby world I watched almost every single game, not this time. Wales and the All Blacks are a given, but who else - might watch all of Japan and then the biggies as time allows. Oh, of course I'll watch the quarters+, dur

A French Mediterranean Fishing Village

Obviously not, it's Scorching Bay on the Miramar / Te Motu Kairangi peninsula, but it does remind me of a Mediterranean village somewhere. The Pōhutukawa does give it away somewhat. 

Who would live in a house like thiiiis?

Seaside paddling