Fire Over The Hill

Can't remember what the fire was, maybe it was the Rongotai warehouse used by the movie folks used.

Happy anniversary darlink

Yes! Yes! YES! Finally ...

For those pushing the web page boundaries

This tickled my geek bone

Avian Bird Flu and the UK

Successful Users

Proud Dad Alert! Jack is such a whizz at the old computer

Anyone tried the Flock browser?

Hoyts never got back to me - bastards

It's a boogie woogie sort of day

Best of breed products, living on-line

Anyone going to the Blog Hui 2006

I saw, I giggled, I forgot to blog

Blogging and KM: Discussion facilitated by Mike Riversdale, KM Specialist

Golden divers

Those wee Google doodles

Happy Birthday Dad

Change - it's all good and I crave it

KM - it's all about people

Fancy a job with the interweb leader?

The final podcast

Cuban cigars are so me

Google calendar coming?

Hmm, a factor in the UK/Sweden decision

Wikipedia and rewards for knowledge sharing

British shopping in Aotearoa

Photo's of, you know, people and stuff

Thoughts of the day

Pictures of my home town

Mountain Buggy for sale

Best beer in NZ

The Karl Pilkington show, episode 11

Life on-line: If you must have MS Office

What's your favourite story?

Family Guy

I know naaathink

It's another world - let them know, or just giggle

Fidels - if you're there, check out our photo

Wellington boys finally show how it's done


Ha ha ha ha ha

What the hell is (s)he wearing!

So, the UK and Sweden and choices

How many bands can you name?

Karl Pilkington

One more question

Wanna know what the 'bleep' it's all about?

Make money and watch your Super 14 team do well

Vote for my mates baby

Wellington International Rugby Sevens, the photo's

The Super 14 is virtually here

Day Two ... the madness continues

We all looked FABULOUS

Anyone want to come to the Sevens tomorrow? SOLD

The blog word cloud

Are you one of them or one of the other?

Indiana Jones Animated GIF

Subway targeting kids