60s Style

"It's up, up, up for the modern city of 1963 with the worlds jet-setters heading to adventurous Auckland for sun, sea, and relaxation." 

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra at the Central Library

The touch screen thingy gets closer to me as Microsoft shows off Surface

Doddery Old Fart passes away

Software you can *touch* - slightly unnerving

Ukuleles at the Central Library tomorrow - you know you should

Here's a challenge - could you help make NZ's egovernment more effective

Joost invites available to New Zealanders and Welsh

Weirdo woman in the UK causing untold damage - find her and get her arrested

I am finally a VP

TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 21st-27th May, 2007

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Crickey. Ha ha ha ha ha. Good. Ok. Keep going. Arse!!

Google is VERY successful and as such you & I are starting to question it's motives

NASA, fake moon landings and Stanley Kubrik

One for the gals

Search YOUR content from your browser

Humour for a Friday

It's the word 'exploded' that makes it . And the picture of the snake/croc

MiramarMike search

QI - BBC Four's most popular show ... on YouTube

Jonathan Schwartz's excellent dissertation on 'free software' and non-litigation

I have an above average number of legs

They hold a grudge in Palmerston North and take things slowly in Dunedin

Bill Bailey on YouTube

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TWTFTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 7th-20th May, 2007

stealing IS a crime, right?

This is game playing at its most inclusive - awesome

All Blacks named for Tri-Nations, French and Canadian test

$4bn lost in 6 minutes because of an email

MY electronic world is changing - so is yours

Fat Freddys Drop playing Wellington: Fri June 8th + Sat 9th

TradeMe RSS feed of auctions by user - created using Yahoo! Pipes

What it's like to be inside Google

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There is a break in transmission from the studios, in the meantime ...

Google Docs - sharing information is just soooo easy, look!

What would your response to this dialog box be?

Boycotting Subway

Wellingtonista + The Flight of Conchords = perfect Wednesday

Kent earthquake appeal

I killed a mouse today ... with a brick, to the head

TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 1st-6th May, 2007

Being a tourist in Middle Earth

Only men can invent things

Poll: Should I split this blog into two?

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