60s Style

"It's up, up, up for the modern city of 1963 with the worlds jet-setters heading to adventurous Auckland for sun, sea, and relaxation." 

Where's My Infrared Cooked Chicken? Back In 1957 France

Dave Barry's Annual Gift Guide - 2008 Edition Now Available

Stop Racism In New Zealand

He Finally Did It!

Alternative Rugby Commentary - UK Tour: England

Something For The Little Lady In Your Life

[Yaaaaawn, streeeetch] Huh, oh, [mumble] morning

Vodafone: Update Account Details ... FAIL!

Official Monty Python YouTube Channel - Yaaaay

The Black Hole - Superb Short Film

The Secret Of Making Yorkshire Pudding

Quite possibly my favourite picture of Meg, ever

Kids TV Is Not Just For Kids, Otherwise I'd Not Have Taken So Many Photos Of Hi-5 Kellie, Shurely

One Day I WILL Go - Pecha Kucha Night Wellington #04 -

Famous Diaries As Blogs

NZ Election - I Only Care About One Promise National Has Made To Us

Don't Walk In Your Weedkiller

iPhone And Your Website

Stephen Fry's Writes Language

Windows 3.x Is No More, *sigh*

Aha, A Novel And Unusual Use Of The Word "Every"

Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) - Installed, My Views

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NZ Election Night, The Boredom Has Been Relieved By Bill And Ben

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First Beach Visit