Mt Kaukau Peaking Through

As all those in Wellington let me know this morning, "What a glorious morning?"- what's not to love?

And finally, traditional English cricket commentary comes to the Web

Microsoft website blooper on the 'Office Word 2007 top 10 benefits' page

Wellingtonista: Cheers drive / Nothing on / Wellingtonista boos: ads on our sacred space - your music when you want it

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The rugby season is upon us

Integration between Gmail and Google Docs

Second Life

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Party on like it's 1977 - you're invited to my 40th

Happy Australia Day

A work day that might have broken the camel's back

MiramarMike is also at Windows Live Spaces

Need a good painter?

BBC to use YouTube allowing streaming/downloads of TV programmes

Virtual Super 14 - MiramarMike is back in the race

MySpace and Beebo - I have them

Recent Readers - how I added them and what it means (MyBlogLog)

the wellingtonista: Craft2.0

Pictures of Walls ... sounds bad, is funny

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