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2013 NZ Census: There Are Some Very Exclusive Iwi

According to the 2013 Census the following Iwi count for around 80% of Māori Ngāpuhi - 19.42% Don't Know - 17.15% Ngāti Porou - 10.98% Ngāi Tahu / Kāi Tahu - 8.47% Waikato - 6.20% Ngāti Tūwharetoa - 5.55% Ngāti Maniapoto - 5.47% Tūhoe - 5.39% Ngāti Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa - 3.26% Interesting that "Don't Know" is still so alarmingly high. Thanks to Julie Starr and NZTE for the New Zealand map of Iwi:

2013 NZ Census: Did You Go On Holiday Last Year?

1. An absentee is identified on the census dwelling form as someone who usually lives in a particular dwelling, but has not completed a census individual form there – because the person was elsewhere in New Zealand or overseas on census night. Such a person may have completed a census individual form elsewhere in New Zealand. 2. Excludes residual categories (response unidentifiable and not stated). Note: When calculating percentages, divide the figure for the category of interest by the figure for 'Total people stated' where this applies. This data has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in different tables. Source: Statistics New Zealand

Weird Christmas Traditions: A Poo'ing Log

Ok, so I've told you all about the weird Welsh tradition of Mari Lwyd , I've experienced the crazyness of Sweden and it's Donald Duck fetish and now, at work, I sit next Anais who's just told me me about the Catalan Christmas poo'ing log - Caga Tió . Yes, they have a tradition of feeding a log .. a tree log ... a wooden branch ... but with a nice red hat ... and a face ... with a lovely blanket over it to keep it warm ... feeding this log for 2 weeks. Then, on Christmas Day, all the small children beat it with sticks (ironic?) whilst singing a song demanding that it has a poo. Which eventually it does, from underneath the blanket. It poo's out presents (the small "stocking filler" type) Man alive people are weird. Great eh!

2013 NZ Census: Feeling Old Or Young?

Cool - we have, at least one, 113 year-old living in New Zealand. Note: This data has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in different tables. Source: Statistics New Zealand:

The 2013 'Days Of Christmas'

As was becoming something of a tradition  here at the blog but has lapsed somewhat, this is my Yuletide posting about all that you should know for Christmas. But let's just take a moment in the busy day to remember what it's all about - the people you love. I'm thinking of the people you love right now ... are you thinking of mine? Of course, it's not just about family and friends (if that's who I was thinking of) but also presents, alcohol and oodles of sitting around in the sun (hardy har har Northern Hempishpereans!). And luckily this year I have ALL of my Northern Hemisphere family coming out - gonna be choice If Jesus is you thing, I mean, if he's your bag, what you're into man then do the religious thing as well. Just don't get all "God" over Christmas and try to remember that it was originally a pagan festival around the longest day, certainly don't want you Christians foisting your ideas on people and trying to subvert the re

'Tis the season to be jolly (2013 version)

So, Christmas is coming and I'm starting to get into the spirit ... well, sort of. I'm getting the "What We Need To Have Happen To Make It Feel Like Christmas" list circulated, verified, commented on and ratified by the occupants of chez Riversdale ol on Christmas Day - so far it's looking something like this Things Christmas songs (not necessarily carols) / Tree / Decorations / Lights / Tinsel / Advent calendar / Board game / Crackers ("banging, crap-joke, paper hat" sort) / Christmas candles / James Bond movie / "Wizard of Oz" movie / Holly / Sparklers / Balloons / Christmassy table napkins Events Phone calls to family / Phone calls to mates / Video taking / Picture taking Food and Drink Breakfast Champagne with strawberries /Sparkling juice / Tea / coffee / Croissants / Toast / Cream cheese / marmalade / strawberry jam / Marmite (ewww!) / Bacon Snacks & nibbles throughout the day Hazelnuts / Brazil nuts / Walnuts / Mandarins / Ch

2013 NZ Census: Smoko

2013 NZ Census: Males vs Females

Miramar Bus Updates

Updates Tweets about "#route2 OR #route31 FROM:@MetLinkWgtn" All about Mike Miramar Bus services: #2 Miramar to Wellington Wellington to Miramar #31 Express Miramar to Wellington Wellington to Miramar Frequently used stops: 7238 - Miramar 5510 - Willis St 5513 - Burger King 5516 - Courtenay / Blair

Worser Bay Sschool Fair: Wonderland Returns on Sunday, 11am-2pm

Stalls open at 11am this Sunday (10th Nov) and the madness ensues until 2pm. In the meantime you can bid on the Silent Auction (amazing Hobbit/movies things to win):

Email Spam To Swim To

Love it :) However Jojo, despite your very kind "questions free call me" offer I'll skip this time. Best quality and low price inflatable boat and swimming pool for you!-----Beyond your imagination!! Hi , This is very greeting from Jojo (Asia Inflatables Co.Ltd). We are the supplier of inflatable products. We have a very huge products range in very competitive prices. Here send you a collection of choice specimens.Any questions free call me. http://www. [[URL]] [[PICTURE: I didn't let Gmail view the picture, coz I'm not stoopid]] Best regards! Jojo Telephone:86-20- [[NUMBERS]] mobilephone: [[DIFFERENT NUMBERS]] - OMG, What A Fabulous Prize Delivery Every week Nadia and her team of Test Chefs dream up exciting and nutritious dinner recipes just for you. We like to keep things simple, so every week (or fortnight) we deliver the ingredients and recipes right to your door. You just open your food bag and discover what tasty meals you get to cook and enjoy. Simple. Healthy. Delicious. And why am I passing this on - because we got 3 bags delivered today after I was kindly chosen from a RT of their @MyFoodBag tweet: To celebrate school holidays and hardworking Wellington parents we’re giving away a Classic bag, Monday delivery. Retweet to win. 3 to win! — My Food Bag (@MyFoodBag) September 26, 2013 We are AMAZED by the amount of ingredients that arrived - just incredible! We're seriously doing the maths to see how this could fit into our lives as it's such a brilliant service, but it's looking like it might be a bit more per meal than we currently pay. Check out their TV ad on YouTube a

Rubbish and Recycling Calendar - Totara Road

Thanks to Wellington City Council for this - get your own at:

The Number ONE Thing To Say When You Hear Sirens Go Past

Anyone who knows me will have already guessed what Eric is about to say ...

Will Making In New Zealand

How To Tie Your Shoelaces

Open full document ...

Minimalistic Spam

5 Things The Riverdales (Try) To Do In Order To Keep The Kids Safe On-line

Last week our kids' school had an evening for the parents to come and see how the teachers and students are using ICT in the classroom, especially now they are opening up Google Apps to the kids and moving away from using locally installed software. I was introduced as a "tech savvy parent" and gave a very brief, "This is how we do it at home" to try and explain: It's happening already at your home, don't try and King Canute it It's in our control as we are the parents 1: Laptop where you can see it + 'key' passwords stay with us. We are the parents, we don't let them leave the house on their own and so we don't let them wander around the Internet on their own. 2: Know the on-line neighbourhoods they're visiting We give them free access the WBS known systems. ("school") We give them access to the ones we are comfortable with. ("At home" + "their mates place") We get them to expla

6 Days To Go - Adventures of Victoria Clarke

I'm being very selfish and asking fro your help because this is a film I'd really like to snettle down to atch in the comfy leather chairs of The Roxy Cinema here in Miramar ("Wellywood"). Go on - help out, it could only costs you $1 ... or $500 if you want to go for it. Share the Victoria message Help me see this film! Please. Make it happen for Adventures of Victoria Clarke Development Package on @indiegogo — Mike Riversdale (@MiramarMike) August 13, 2013

GCSB - It's YOUR Turn

Every email YOU write (from / to / when) All of YOUR G+ posts. Everything YOU search for. Each website YOU visit. Any downloads YOU make. ... automatically collected by the NZ Government's and shared with the US, Canadian, UK and Australian spy agencies. That's what the NZ GCSB Bill means. YOU OK with that? The NZ Law Society isn't. The majority of NZ citizens aren't. New Zealander of the year Dame Anne Salmond doesn't. What about YOU? "I've for nothing to hide so I'm not worried!" , did you just think that, if so read this: "I'll leave it for others to sort out, that Dotcom guy for instance." , if you trust others that much then surely you can at least raise your voice and support them (share this for instance but best still read more). "It's just the Internet, it's not real life!" , OK, so if you can live without the Internet for a week

A Perplexing Piece of Spam

A rare piece of spam has got through the Gmail filters and it has left me perplexed - who is it aimed at? --------------- Subject: RE: Polycarbonate sheet offer From: June/Innovo Industries (june@[domain].com) Dear Sir or Madam, We are glad to hear that you are on the market for polycarbonate sheets. We are Chinese enterprise manufacturing all types of polycarbonate sheets (solid, hollow, embossed) and their finished products. We sell polycarbonate sheets to the New Zealand and market feedback is fine. We are interested in supplying our high quality products to you on favourable terms and conditions upon receipt of your inquiries. We thank you very much for your attention and look forward to your reply soon. Best regards, June Export Department Jiaxing Innovo Industries Co.,Ltd Professional pc sheets manufacturer Mob: +86 [number] Tel: +86 573 [number] Fax: +86 573 [number] www. [domain] .cn Please note that the business of Huashilong Plastic has been transfer

Worser Bay School Fair - Factsheet

WORSER BAY SCHOOL FAIRThe 2013 fair will contribute toIn 2012 there were ...Fair themes since 2008 | Infographics

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade - Newsletter 9, 25 June 2013

The latest from our man Kev, the WCC Project Manager - later than the late Monday but not as late as it seems as he was 'yesterday' late and not 'today/publish date' late:) If you want to get the official weekly update email (which is copy-pasted below), and I heartily recommend it, then 'subscribe' by sending an email to Project home: What happened last week We were fortunate to escape damage of any significance from Thursday night’s violent southerly storm. The site manager was called out at 11pm because the fencing along Miramar Avenue had blown over, luckily into the site rather than on to the road. This proved a blessing as while he was on site he realised the roof to the bus/tram shelter was lifting and managed to tie it down before it blew off entirely. The weather in the lead up to, and immediately following, the storm was not good news for the work programme. We were not

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade - Newsletter 8,17 June 2013

The latest from Big Kev, the WCC Project Manager :) If you want to get the official weekly update email (which is copy-pasted below), and I heartily recommend it, then 'subscribe' by sending an email to Project home: What happened last week The focus was on basecourse preparation, boxing and installation of steel reinforcement for the new car park, and other features such as the new tree pit surrounds along the Miramar Avenue edge.  Concrete was poured to complete the base for the pedestrian ramp connecting the footpath on either side of the new car park entrance.    We also began installing strata cells in the newly formed tree pits.  When filled with soil these fulfil the dual role of providing a passage for tree roots while at the same time helping to support the hard surface that will be laid over them.     In addition we commenced the final stage of new stormwater drainage construction in

A Lesson In Customer Service

(this article first appeared as a Google+ post on 9th June, 2013 ) Last night +Liz Riversdale   and I had a movie date night planned. We'd bought our tickets for "The Great Gatsby" at our local cinema, The Roxy here in Miramar (Wellington, NZ). I'd let the world know we were sans kids and on our way via all the social networks and, on arrival at their bar, was surprised to be asked if I was Mike Riversdale. "Yes I am", and it transpires I was talking with the Roxy's fantastic Facebook wizard and her partner. They were ostensibly there to take pictures of those glammed up who would when they go forward to win tickets to The Roxy's grand ball next week. Despite a previous Facebook message Liz and I were never in the running as we were not glamourous by anyone's standards :-) In we went to watch the film with a packed session filling all around us. And then out of the gloom and just as the "coming soon"s came to an end someone ap

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade - Newsletter 7, 7 June 2013

This came in yesterday, I think Monday is the new Friday for Kev :) Just to make it very clear, what follows is NOT WRITTEN BY ME. I am NOT the project manager of the Miramar Town Centre Upgrade, that role is taken up by Kevin Murphy ( ). If you want to get the official weekly update email (which is copy-pasted below), and I heartily recommend it, then 'subscribe' by sending an email to Project home: What happened last week The bulk of the basecourse in the new car park has been laid ready to receive the new concrete surface. Work has also started on laying basecourse along the Miramar Avenue and Park Road edges so we can pour the concrete base on which the new paved surface will be laid. The installation of boxing and reinforcing steel for the concrete pedestrian platform at the car park entrance has started. At the Tram Shelter, work on stabilising the footings

Miramar's Original Wonderland

Wonderland, Miramar’s ‘Mecca of Merry Souls’, was a theme park opened in 1907 by Chase Morris Esq, who had purchased many of the amusements from the Christchurch Exhibition. It was located at the north end of Miramar near the present site of Camperdown Studios on the block bordered by Darlington and Camperdown Roads. Wonderland went into liquidation in 1911 source : This little gem of Miramar's history will be front and centre at the 2013 Worser Bay School Fair on Sunday 10th November (11am-2pm) . For those that want to know what it looked like More in this G+ photo album ... Follow The Fair! Facebook: Google+: +Worser Bay School Fair 2013 Twitter:  @WBSFair Remember, it's only successful because you're involved.

Turkey - In Case You Missed It

As +Neil Gaiman  said a few days ago, "In case you missed it" See it all at:

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade - Newsletter 6, 31 May 2013

Just to make it very clear, what follows is NOT WRITTEN BY ME. I am NOT the project manager of the Miramar Town Centre Upgrade, that role is taken up by Kevin Murphy ( ). If you want to get the email yourself, and I heartily recommend it, then 'subscribe' by sending an email to Project home: What’s happened this week Installation of drainage in the new car park has been completed, kerb and channel has been poured and work has started on laying the basecourse ready to receive the new surface.   The entrance to the new car park from Miramar Avenue has been prepared as part of this work. Work has also commenced on stabilizing the footings for the tram shelter in preparation for a new concrete floor slab to be poured. What’s happening next week “Boxing” and reinforcing steel will be installed at the car park entrance and, weather permitting, concrete will be poured to f

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 5, 24 May 2013

Just to make it very clear, what follows is NOT WRITTEN BY ME. I am NOT the project manager of the Miramar Town Centre Upgrade, that role is taken up by Kevin Murphy ( ), someone I have never met but is doing an admirable job keeping us all up to date on the goings on via weekly emails that I am merely copy-pasting onto this blog. If you want to get the email yourself, and I heartily recommend it, then 'subscribe' by sending an email to Project home: And so, on to this weeks update ... What’s happened this week Hawkins Construction has completed the installation of new kerb and channel along the Miramar Avenue and Park Road edges and laid new asphalt to blend in with the existing road surface.  Considering the difficulties involved in managing traffic while this work was being undertaken, the whole operation ran very smoothly. The contractor and I would like to thank dr

The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke

Can't remember where I stumbled across " The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke ", I suspect it was a G+ post from the Steampunk community. I link the idea (although having Ms Clarke in her underwear all the time is a tad interesting) and I certainly hope that the project takes off. Here's a snippet from Ken Wallace's About page: Developed by Writer/Producer Kendrick Wallace, "The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke” is the stylish and exciting story of the exploits of a female British agent living undercover in the United States in the 1920s as a Hollywood actress. The project is conceived of as an integrated package of materials: at its core it a is a tent-pole feature motion picture. Supporting the feature are a series of 10-15 minute serialized, high-quality webisodes,  a graphic novel and a mobile-platform video game. more ... Who is Ken(drick) Wallace: And so, if this all tickles your fancy then yo

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 4, 17 May 2013

Hmm, I wonder if the TelstraClear (sic. actually Vodafone) cable news below is why I'm still getting a pretty crap YoUTube service via the TV app. Project home: Update from last week’s newsletter The bus timetable for the number 2 and 18 services has now been moved to the temporary bus stop on Hobart Street. Greater Wellington Regional Council is making up some larger, more robust signs directing bus users to the location of the temporary bus stop. When these become available, they will be attached to the site fence near the old tram shelter. Some of you picked up on the disappearance, one day earlier this week, of the temporary public portaloo from outside the former Thai Restaurant. The portaloo was removed in error by the supplier who had incorrectly recorded the termination of the hire period. It was reinstated the following day and will remain in place until the new permanent public toilet has been installed.

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 3, 10 May 2013

From the extremely personable Project Manager, Kevin Murphy Update from last week’s newsletter I have been asked why the bus timetable has not been moved to the temporary bus stop on Hobart Street. This is because the timetable is currently fixed to the wall of the tram shelter with special tamper-proof screws that require a special tool to remove them. Greater Wellington Regional Council, which is responsible for bus stop operations, is arranging for the timetable to be shifted. I understand local residents have been asking town centre retailers for more information about the project. Please let your friends and neighbours know that they can find this information on the Council’s website (go to Council/Projects/Miramar ) or pick up a site plan from the Miramar Library or the Miramar Vet Hospital. If anyone you know has any queries, feel free to tell them to contact me.. I’m pleased to say we have been able to devise an alternative option for the installat

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 2 3 May 2013

I've asked Kevin (the named person on the weekly newsletter - sign-up by emailing ) if he was OK me posting this and future updates on my blog? Then it can be shared to those not quite so e savvy on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter ... he's said nothing yet so I'll take silence = compliance ;) Project home: Update from last week’s newsletter The temporary bus stop for the numbers 2 and 18 services has been located outside 157 Hobart Street. Apologies for any confusion caused by my reference last week to the no. 24 service also stopping at this location. Go Wellington – the bus company - has confirmed that the stop adjacent the Holy Cross Catholic Church on Miramar Avenue will be the temporary start point for this service. We have advised taxis to temporarily use the parking bay on Miramar Avenue outside the former Thai restaurant. We will not designate it as a taxi rank but they will be e

Song About Miramar

Censorship Can Be Merely Other Peoples Playground Rules You Don't Like

In the true manner of, "a man in a pub told me" I received this forwarded email from someone in da family a while ago: If this is true (bearing in mind the apparent censorship that has happened in the UK), then this is really serious... Via a retweet from Gervais: Sent from my iPhone My response ... Yip ... Facebook,. of course, has no need to explain itself as it's a privately owned (to all real means) US-based organisation. It is not a British media organisation it's not a "platform" - it is a privately owned website. Just like my blog, I get to choose what goes on it, so do they. If that's not understood then that's a little sad, eh. As for mainstream media in the UK, they are also private (well, privately run, owned by large financial organisations) that get to something similar. They are slightly less free

Updated the Six Nations 2014/15 and Rugby World Cup iCal Dates

And the Lions tour of Australia starts on 1st June! Or check out the other ways on my permanent "International Rugby Fixtures iCal Calendar" page .

Wales 30 England 3

Thee are many reasons why this Welsh win had me buzzing ranging from I *did* get out of bed to see it (6am kick off in NZ), I was with rugby mates that cheered along with me, it was a great Welsh win, it was against England ...  But when I stop and think I know that it was a direct and deep link back to my childhood. The inside 10 year old (almost the age of my son, wow) was hugged and warmed and spoken to. Spot the Welshman

Happy St David's Day AND Happy Birthday Liz

"Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus" Hope (1st March) was a happy one for you all and that you were eating leeks, speaking Welsh and singing (just to perpetuate the myth) to the best of your abilities. The classic picture is still valid :-) HAPPY ST DAVID'S DAY! If we were in Wales ("Never Forget Your Welsh") we'd be wearing a daffodil and/or leek , quoting Max Boyce , singing at the top of our lungs AND having a go at every Englishman you could find . And if you're on Twitter try @walesdotcom / @saintdavidsday and #stdavidsday And on Google+ #stdavidsday Happy birthday to my darling wife as well! Liz on the left in her natural state - with laughing with friends

Summerfest 2013 at Worser Bay Boating Club

(print this as a poster for your office) See you there: G+ event: Facebook: Details:

Move To Christchurch, Can You Help?

NO, not us, we're not moving. A friend of mine has just got a new position based down in Christchurch and the whole family (Mum, Dad and 2 young boys) are moving down to Christchurch. And it's all happening very quickly, and can you do these 2 things: 1: Help find a rental place What they'd like is a 3-4 bedroom property (home, townhouse, apartment) in the north or west of the CBD.   They'll also consider anything out of town ie: Rangiora, Amberly, Rolleston, Lincoln and their surrounds that is a half hour drive or so from the CBD, though if the property is the right one, they may be prepared to travel further. They would also consider a 2 bedroom as a temporary measure, until something else suitable came up. John's office is at the end of Riccarton Road, close to Hagley Park. As they say: Hopefully we will be down there for the week commencing Monday 11 Feb, so we can meet up with peeps (and drink loads of wine), I mean, look at p

The Great South Island Holiday

A taste of our summer holiday around the South Island - hope it gives a flavour of where we were, how far we travelled and the range of memories we have.

Mickey Mouse My Arse - Picton, What Are You Thinking

Maybe this is all to ensure that Disney don't sue the crap out of the Picton council but really ... what are they thinking. These are prominently displayed in the otherwise awesome Picton waterfront play area. Yes, there is a Donald Duck-esque statue as well ... *sigh*