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The Astounding Improbable You

You are incredible. The chances that you exist and are reading this are astounding. You are a massive statement that says to the universe, "I get it, it's so unlikely I exist, but here I am!" The improbability of your parents meeting, making you, and you surviving long enough to be here, right now is mind blowing enough. Then we factor in that your grandparents had the same improbability of meeting and having your two (biological) parents makes the brain tickle even more. And then back to your great-grandparents, and their parents, and back all the way to ... where it all started? All this on a planet that is currently unique in being able to support what we call life, and therefore you. A planet that is part a universe that has to have the physics to create planets and stars from the oh so tight settings of it's own fundamental building blocks. Seems it's something like 1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000 ... that’s a 10 with 2,685,000 zeros after it. And yet, her

What Are You Planning This Evening?

Simple question, what do you think you might do this evening? It's no surprise that the more actual answers you have the better off you probably are.  "Better off", also sometimes labelled as "privileged". When all/most of your money goes on the basics, rent, food, schooling, power, and transport then the options you have to answer that question can be severely limited. The ability to take full advantage of the "modern society" within which we claim to live is removed. Let's take Wellington, my hometown, for instance and check out how it currently portrays itself to the its residents and to the wider country / world - A LOT of going out stuff - restaurants, theatre, bars, shopping - you get the picture.  This talks directly and exclusively to those that have choices, to those that can ponder the question, "What are you planning this evening?", discussing which restaurant to go to, or perhaps thinking of goin

Flamenco In The Rain

The colour, sounds, and sheer exuberance of the  Island Bay Festival  flamenco dancers as they shrugged off the 2017 downpours was such a joy


Can't remember taking this photo back in February 2017, but I'm glad I did


Part of a vaulting horse against a blue floor

Moonlight Over City Light

All Of Life Is

"Why so serious?"

Beach Tractor

Tractor, at night?

Summer Seat

It's a popular pastime of both the British and the Kiwi to endlessly discuss the weather, especially summers that aren't perfect in every way and certainly, "not as good as they used to be".


The quality of #streetart in Wellington is amazing, what's your favourite?

Happy Dad

Around parts of the world it has been Father's Day, but not here in New Zealand. But hey, seeing as my my Dad is in Wales I figure it's fine to pop up a photo and whisper, "GO YOU DAD!" ♥️

You Are Beautiful

To those I know are experiencing tough times, and all those seeing this - you are a wonder of the universe and it would be a diminished one without you.

Blue Type

The Blue Mussel ( Mytilus galloprovincia l) loves a good wet rock to hang out with its mates on

Truth and Lies

I wonder what lie I've been told over and over has become truth in my head - you're not worthy probably, ugh I 'knew' that the above chair quotation was from Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, however when I went to Wikipedia I saw: Though the following supposed quotation of  Joseph Goebbels  has been repeated in numerous books and articles and on thousands of web pages, none of them has cited a primary source. Thus its attribution to anyone must be considered dubious.


Late 16th century early 17th I'd say, probably part of a sea battle or perhaps a windswept foreshore or moors

My Car Is On The Green Floor

Demolition of the Courtenay Central carpark building in January 2017 gave some fascinating views

Go ...

Go: Surf Lifesavers training at Lyall Bay (NZ) 

Steady ...

Steady: Surf Lifesavers training at Lyall Bay (NZ)

Ready ...

Ready: Surf Lifesavers training at Lyall Bay (NZ)

Kiwi Chandelier

I ♥️ this

Shadow Boxing

#Cute #kittens with hashtags are what the internet is made for, yes?

I'm off to the dairy, anyone want anything?

In New Zealand the corner shop, the village supermarket, the newspaper shop, the 'smaller than a supermarket' shop is known as the dairy. Why?


Fresh, clear, clean water free for all and made available for all. The simplest expression of community there is Te Puna Wai Ora artesian water fountain (Petone, NZ)

If You Don't Know Of Irving Finkel, Start Here

Irving Finkel is charming, funny, knowledgeable, clear, and exactly totally 100% who you want working in a museum. He is currently the Assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian script, languages and cultures in the Department of the Middle East in The British Museum - put that in your Filofax and smoke it! If you've not seen Irving Finkel speak then this is the one to start with After watching you'll wanna see more of Irving Finkel . "Irving Finkel", even his name I adore.

I'd Rather Be

On the whole, I'd rather be lazing on the Basin Reserve bank in the heat of a January sun watching a test match.

Where Were You?

25th March 2010 a crowd was at Bar Bodega (Ghuznee St) attending the first ever NZ Google Barcamp ( arranged by myself). After the day long event the bar reverted to type and many of us stayed to see Goldenhorse (I think).  Where you there?

Old Beer

Always makes me smile. Located  just outside Riwaka it is now the  Hop Federation Brewery .  (Monkey Wizard Brewery t-shirt)

Julian πŸ˜” & Dave ♥️

A few years ago a friend of many took his own life. The Wellington memorial was arranged by Dave Moskovitz, thank you Dave it makes a daily difference to me

Miramarian Dusk

Dusk, not sunset or twilight, but dusk, the final moments of a day just as the night gains control.


"Dappled", a word I love when it forms in my mouth.  Each green leaf adds to the overall dappled feel and yet not one stands out. A few straight and sturdy trunks to keep it all up there and voila, "A Dappled Woodland View" (always look up)

Hutt Valley River

The  Hutt River  is one of the most sceninc places in the Wellington region and reminds me of the  River Wye  as it nears  Monmouth


Looks amazing eh, but if these are the golden leaves of the Euonymus japonicus , or Japanese spindle tree, then it's not that welcome in many parts of New Zealand

Old Hole

Pre revamped Seatoun tunnel

Church Topping

It's the top window that so obviously makes this photo, but without the bottom two it wouldn't stand out half as much.