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Gasworks Is Open

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Gasworks - Opening Date, Menus and The Union

A quick post to let you know that The Gasworks Bar & Restaurant: ... opens early next week ... has a website: ... has menus: Breakfast menu (pdf) Lunch menu (pdf) Dinner menu (pdf) ... photos on Facebook of how close they are They also,  want you in the Union! Reap the benefits of the collective! You deserve great value for your commitment, and out Union Card is your ticket to tremendous deals.. Free Meal for your birthday Earn Gas Workers $'s to spend at the Gasworks Union Members only Speciality Nights Invites to Union Member Events Regular updates on what is happening at the Gasworks Sign-up here: Oh, and just so we're all clear - no, it is NOT a Monteiths bar , hope that's clear now!

RWC Humour From Derek (My Dad)

Gasworks Bar - The Steak Menu

I thought it would be popular and boy have I had a lot of requests to share it once I had it ... well, the awesome Ben from Gasworks shared this with me last week. Thoughts? (leave a comment here or on their Gasworks Facebook page ) The House Specialty! At the Gasworks we take our Steak very seriously! All of our steaks come from the premier beef ranks of New Zealand’s best farms. They have all been wet aged for a minimum of 21 days which helps to ensure the beef is more tender than non aged beef. All of our beef is free of antibiotics, and hormone growth promotants and all of our beef can be traced from the plate back to the actual paddock on the farm. Step 1: Choose your CUT Primestar Aged Grass Fed Scotch Fillet Primestar 300g $31.90 Of Aberdeen Angus heritage and farmed on the Central North Island. This free range beef is aged minimum 21 days. The soft texture and gentle marbling make the scotch fillet an excellent choice. Primestar Aged Grass Fed Eye Fillet 200g $34.

Jed Wraps Up The First RWC2011 Weekend

Favourite quote: Martin Snedden is a cricketer, move on. Catch Jed and the Alternative Rugby Commentary all during the World Cup no matter where you are in the world:

A Droppie, That's All We Needed Last Night

One drop-goal and we ... Wales ... Wales rugby team ... as I say, "we", would have won the game. From the moment Liz and I said goodbye to the kidsitter (Jack and Meg are not babies :-) and got ourselves into the cab I could tell it was going to be an awesome night. We caught up with many people at The Royal (old 'Paris') on Lambton Quay, people we hadn't seen for ages, people I'd watched a game with the day before and people that I knew from Twitter but not that well. The pub was a sea of red with a smattering of green - perfect kick off. When we headed to the stadium though it was clear there were many MANY more South Africans than Welsh - never mind, we could always be louder than the Sou--- hmmmm, maybe not. Our seats were awesome, covered, 22 yard line and just perfect to watch the game. And after a few shuffles around we were seated amongst others I knew thanks to the tickets from @RugbyWorldCup - many MANY thanks. The game. Well, what can I say

Rugby World Cup Spreadsheet

Thanks to Vince for sharing a link to the original Excel version of the now open and editable Google spreadsheet below. Open to edit at this link: (don't forget the free iCal match schedule for your Outlook, Google, iPhone, Android and everything else calendar) Open spreadsheet to edit ...

Gasworks Pub in Miramar - Initial Thoughts [Updated]

As you know Miramar is about to get it's very own DECENT pub, Gasworks - but what will it be like? So here's my thoughts on what we can expect. Oh, and yes, I have been talking with the guys opening it and even had a few free beers (Heinken, ugh) at a Friday BBQ - just so you know. Location - 11 Tauhinu Road OK, let's get this out of the way right now. No, it's not in the Miramar CBD amongst the shops, The Roxy and the like. But really, this is Miramar folks, it's about 4 minutes walk away and to be honest if your only reason for not going is because "it's not close enough" then you need to pull ya head out ya ass (whilst you sit in your $30 taxi on the way into town). 11 Tauhinu Road is on the corner of the "shopping precinct". Now, that "shopping precinct" has been crying out for some love and attention for a long time (since it opened) and has a local reputation of being boring, down-trodden and generally no reason to

THIS Is What The #RWC2011 Is All About [video]

Love it - a flashmob / haka-mob in Auckland over the weekend. From above ... From on the ground ...

Mike and the Welsh flag at the Rugby World Cup event

Mike and the Welsh flag at the Rugby World Cup event - Originally uploaded by Mike Riversdale Think I have all my bases covered in this one picture - Welsh flag, All Blacks top and RWC stuff ... that's me in a nutshell