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The Rumpus That Is Worser Bay School Fair

The  +Worser Bay School Fair 2014  is a wonder to behold and hopefully this infographic (in the loosest sense of the word) gives a sense of why it's done, the people involved and the energy required each year to make it a success. worser bay schools 2014 fairThe 2013 fair contributeD toIn 2013 there were ...Fair themes since 2008facebook & Twitter | Create Infographics

Coolest Cooler ("Esky / Chilly Bin")

If you're keen to get one then you'll need to Get along to their Kickstart campaign, "Coolest Cooler" . Remember, Kickstarter is NOT a shop - these aren't products ready to buy. You pay your money to help the project get going and in return, depending upon how much you pay, you get a reward. Read more about Kickstarter and the local equivalent, PledgeMe