Buy Your Mate A Beer

I always loved this idea at Photonflux. I always do the odd pay it forward coffee - I've been the recipient of one and it made my day.

Jack The Poet Storms The Publishing World Again

It's Bollox And Aimed At Getting YOUR $$$ - Stop Hoping It's True [Vid]

The Miramar cinema in progress

Nice view of Waikiki Beach

Fave Photo Of Eyjafjallajokul (Icelandic Volcano)

Flickr Is Not Just For Photos - Icelandic Volcano Video

"feels far too small and fickle to be doing something so serious and grown-up as leaving NZ to live in USA"

Top 10 Jumps Ever [vid]

Pop-up Shop Opens Today Tinakori Road

Pixels - Superb Short Film

[URGENT] Want A Free/Open Internet, The "Wellington Declaration" Is Ready For YOU To Sign

Bumly For Living In New Zealand, So Far Away