Morning After

I love a good spicy tomato juice, there are never two alike, it's always a voyage of taste discovery, and sometimes the café people just let lose and go for it.And they are perfect 'morning after the night before' resuscitator.

Tom Beard On 1980 TV

Wasn't I Cute?

The Perfect Day In 1922

Facebook - How Do I Say Fuck Off?

"Builders bum's" and "The art of coming second" "A Welshman Living In England - by Rob Burge (England, UK)

So, How Was Your Holiday Mike?

"Osaka for the night" "Wanderings - by Kathrin Goldsworthy (currently NZ)

Heathrow Airport, Now That's Not Where I Expected To See It On Google Maps

Port Underwood camping holiday

RIP 2010