In Good Company

Access Granted NZ sticker at Goldings Free Dive, anyone know if it's still there?

And breathe out ...

I'm going offline for a week - starting today, 2:30pm

Seven steps to remarkable customer service

wellingtonista: Cheap and Cheerful: Offbeat Originals

Exam answer: Find X

JonnyB hits' the mark one more time - is this you coming home pissed?

Pirate toast - bookmark it for September 19th

Guinness-flavored Marmite for St Paddy's

Strange Games

The many types of Wellngtonians - DUMPED IDEA

Weekly poll: Best ambiance for a 1970's party ... you decide

Virtual Super 14 - MiramarMike is BACK IN the competition

Jack and Liz at the ranch

Happy New Year to all the pigs out there

Wellington buses - what the fuck is going on!?!?

Strange Statues and the Dirt Car Art Gallery - more fun from the interweb

Ecofriendly - how to do it in Wellington

Crash! Anywho - Netvibes gone, Google Reader/Homepage arrived

How to run a birthday party AND a business

Wellingtonista: Bus Angst #32 / Fair season / Costume Cave 2 sale

Never underestimate the importance of training

Pies I've enjoyed and where you can buy them

You're invited to a lunchtime picnic on the waterfront TODAY

Wellingtonista: Tiki-Tiki! / Make with the funny

It's annual performance review time again so let's all do a Keith

I no longer work for Synergy

This weeks poll: This weather is ...

Yahoo! Pipes - technical bloggers go wild

Creating Passionate Users - joint blog of the week

The BBC talking about streaming/downloadable TV/content

$4bn ... did the US army look down the back of the sofa?

MiramarMike new logo in all it's Web 2.0 glory

Information overload is an old old problem

Indexed - simple diagrams for everyday situations - you will smile, read on ...

Funny animals video

Ooh, felt that tremor

Ick ... is this you?

Happy Waitangi Day

Flickr banner - yet another Flickr app

Wellingtonista: We ask: Boy and dog?


This weeks poll: Rugby, is it doing it for you in your neck of the woods?

Help find Jim Gray

Whatever happened to the UK plane bomber terrorists?

Update on the awesome Julian Beever and his 3D street art

Noah K Everyday - the changes as they slowly happen

Our breathing earth

This is how computers should work: "Minority Report becomes reality" video

Weekly Poll: What was the craziest Sevens costume?

Microsoft website blooper update #1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows published July 21st

Giant penis as seen from space

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