Fire Over The Hill

Can't remember what the fire was, maybe it was the Rongotai warehouse used by the movie folks used.

2 more days and it's back to green

Dear Mr Riversdale, Congratulations!

MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY Aotearoa - 1 July launch

one before: no more

And that's me in the background

Complete low-down on what's happening in town this test weekend

Week 20, exciting times ahead

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My Dad starts a blog

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Week 19 (pt2), It's a girl ... probably

A little British & Irish Lions humour for ya

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Scientology and truth

I Was Hitler's Wet Nurse

Not sure how long I can keep this up

NZ fans urged to backout Barmy Army with 'Stand in Black'

Ahmed Zoui

It's the end of the World as we know it

Videos for sale

Julian Beever's pavement drawings

BBC News: Styleguide

50 Things You Would Never Know If It Weren't For American Movies

25 Things I Have learned in 50 Years

Gods Total Quality Management

Mae West quotes

Oscar Wilde quotes

Phil Bennett quote

Welsh wonders ... I wonder

W. C. Fields quotes

Week 19, Meg or Louie?

Normal service will be resumed

wellingtonist: Where to watch the All Blacks

Spike Milligan quotes

Black because ...

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

50 TV Moments: #49 - LA Law

Malarkey collected on the old work PC


Winston Churchill quotes ... probably

The Treaty of Waitangi

Norm's greetings

For those that love life

Michael Jackson found ...

50 Greatest TV Moments Of All Time

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Welsh immigration to New Zealand

The Official Men's Room Etiquette Aptitude Exam

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Week 18, starting to get more real

The Wiggles at the Town Hall