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"U OK hun" - It's All About The Timing

When times are dark, the chips are down and life seems bleak many people (but not enough) reach out to friends and family, especially via ' social media ' and mostly via Facebook. This is a good thing. There are also random posts from people that (probably) have had something happen in their lives, mostly to someone else, that prompts them to send out a message. The message that is most common is: Reach out, you're never alone, I'm here for you ... or any combination of the above with the same sentiment. Now, there's three things I'd like to talk about this response: Timing The sender The receiver For anyone that has read my On Contemplating Suicide post you may have picked up that the timeline, for me, means that timing to receive this message is problematic. If the world is all hunky-dory then it washes over like all Facebook "makes you feel good to send but what's that got to do with me" messages. If The Queen has arrived, then good luck

Ballyhoo - A Word, A Game, A Pinball Machine, A Band, What Else ...

Many many many moons ago I posted about a parlour game that 'we' invented called Ballyhoo - go check it out:  A game for 4-8 honest adults. The game is best enjoyed with good friends but is also an excellent introduction vehicle for new people joining the circle. Fine wine, good food and a roaring fire have been known to assist with the play. The name of the game, "Ballyhoo", came from Maxi along with the rules, and she couldn't remember why it was called that, it just was. I had a recollection of "ballyhoo" being something Irish, something along the lines of describing a good night, something raucous, maybe insurgent ... you know, a goings-on. And whaddya know, it is, this from Webster: Definition of BALLYHOO plural ballyhoos  1 : a noisy attention-getting demonstration or talk 2 : flamboyant, exaggerated, or sensational promotion or publicity 3 : excited commotion  — ballyhoo transitive verb Hah, 2 meanings. And then I was listening

Earls Colne

A trawl through my "draft" posts on this blog shows me this is the earliest one of the 39 I have - something I found interesting back in 2009. I have no recollection as to why. I don't believe I have ever been to Earls Colne, I cannot see anything particularly notable about it, it's not a place I have a hankering to go to, no-one I've wanted to know more about is from there, heck it's not even the filming site for a Midsomer Murder episode. By JohannesJ - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, It was just a draft post of 3 links, all of which still work - gotta love the Web that just stays around. There is something about a "project" that I suspect I was interested in, maybe, for some reason., perhaps. Standard tourism page. Standard Wikipedia page. So