Building Styles

This building on Courtenay Place (Wellington, AoNZ) seems to have quite a number of styles incorporated into its design 🏙️

Before The Tide Comes In

Waiting For The Cubicle


Inside A Breakdown

Going Up Or Coming Down?

Head First Into 2020

Difficult To See

Are YOU ready for Christmas?

You Are The Chosen Roof

The Greatest Story: Space Worm

Big Tyres For A Tiny Job

A Glorious Mobile Hell

Coordinated Colour Scheme

The 2019 'Days Of Christmas'

Beaming Down For Summer

Turning Daytime Into Nighttime

Like A Sack Of Potatoes

Sunsets As Paintings

Oh Wow, a Beer Can

Victorian Christmas, What Do You Know?

Novel Cover

CLOSING DOWN: After 20th December The Taste Can Only Ever Be A Memory

That's Right, It's A Massive Marrow

Gromit In The Greenhouse

"Citizens one and all, look over there!"

Straight Through The Middle

I Am With You My Captain

Magnificent Yet Trapped

Six rules for the woman voter

My Two Favourite Colours

There Is Always Magic In The World

An Elegant Exit


Hoist The Mainsail Mr Hawkins

Going With The Flow

I Don't Know Who Needs This

[Updated] I Ate A Pop-Tart

Sartorial Eyewear Inspiration From Across The Decades

We All Need A Bigger Pot