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Nelson Beer By Bar Light

Wow, this radiant Nelson beer photo is quite striking eh

Ood, Control Your Dog

A message for all the  Ood  out there, "CONTROL YOUR DOG"

Elegant Chews Lane

Oh the stories I could tell of the old shadowy Chews Lane and the experiences within. An excellent renovation from those dodgy days

The Why Of UK Pub Names, Fascinating

It started with me looking up the why some British pubs are called The Cross Keys: Cross Keys: The sign of St Peter, the gatekeeper of Heaven. Often found near a church dedicated to St Peter. When people walked to the Sunday service they often stayed afterwards, at a house near the church, to drink beer and to watch or participate in sporting events. I then spent the next hour quietly exclaiming, "Hah, well there ya go", or, "Really, that's so cool" as I read the whole Wikipedia: Pub names  page Monmouth Local, the Queen's Head - more photos of pubs and bars ...

Frosty Night View

A broken photo as I moved whilst I took it. With some tlc in Snapseed I now love losing myself in it

Murder In The Villages

Hahaha, great post, " Your guide to not getting murdered in a quaint english village, for everyone that loves a good murder in a UK village " , be it from a book, on the big screen, or via the gogglebox. Higher floors Stay low. They can’t throw you off the balcony if you never go up the stairs. The stairs They are the xylophones of death.  Lower floors Marble busts fall down, not up.  Basements They don’t even have to dig a hole to put you in.

Village Life In The Tiny City

Seatoun 'village' as peered at from between the trees on Point Dorset

Found! Album Art

Snaps in preparation for their first album release

Villain Cat

Mr Tiddles, evilness personified, plans more dastardly activities in his ongoing war to ensure complete control of his domain, the human household

Embossed Trunk

The Curtain Will Be Raised

Preparations are being made, the equipment loaded, and the right story is being sourced. Any time now ...

Happy Places Are Colourful

I have many photos of spicy tomato juices during my time at The Roxy's James Bond season , this is one

Go Karting

The stalwart of birthdays from the ages of 8 to 13, go karting is the easiest and funest of things to do with a bunch of excited kids

Late Today, Been Arriving

Early start, a flight, a baggage wait, a taxi, a walk, a gondola, a walk, a gondola, a walk, a dip, a meal. Gals got up and left. Photo time. Me on Bob's Peak overlooking Queenstown

That Moment

Capturing *that* moment has been a rare occurrence for me, however when my son opened up his birthday Dead Pool dvd he gave me the finest of moments and I was ready.

The Problem Today Is Obvious, It's Me!

The divide between the armies is where I live.  Pick your battle to discover which armies you most closely align with and down in the divide you'll find me. The armies that have me rushing to the defence are normally in the realm of politics, the left vs right, or more correctly to my mind, those that chant individualism against community. For most this battle (that I never signed up to as per most soldiers) has me painted with the colours of the "liberal left". I carry the shield of the "socialist". I march under the red flag of the Labour Party, or I dance to the tunes of those that wish to chain us with shackles of environmentalism. I don't really. I happily live in the valley between the army filled mountains daily endeavouring to avoid the bullets and certainly ignore the shouts of either army to, "Come join us!" or the the more insidious whisperings of those sent down to the valley to convince us to join up and fight. Sounds weak does


(Second of the day as the  previous one  was a repeat) Bloody gorgeous eh Autumnal pond at Agricultural Heritage Museum, Mystery Creek (NZ)

Deeper Reflections (again)

The wanky inner thoughts this brings up are, "Sometimes the reflections are deeper than the real thing". I will now go away and chastise myself for becoming a motivational poster author

Briggs Pipe Mixture

"WHEN A FELLER NEEDS A FRIEND" Old tobacco tin at the Agricultural Heritage Museum, Mystery Creek (NZ)  

Mystery Creek

Only little old ladies hailing from St Mary Mead should enter ...

The Log o' Wood and Me

Since 1904, when Wellington took the Ranfurly Shield off Auckland, it has been up for grabs every time a team challenges for it. I didn't challenge anyone, they just gave it to me at Central Fieldays 2016

Welcome To My New Home

Breaker Bay, the new place you may find me ... still Miramar Mike though as the whole  peninsula is named Miramar  👍

Things Abandoned Can Have Their Own Beauty

It's been a theme-ette eh, abandoned, the timing of these 2016 photos has just been coincidence. I think these Shelley Bay military huts are now all boarded up

Abandoned Items

There is a fascination and an adventure to be had clambering around abandoned buildings. I find most joy in discovering discarded and forgotten everyday objects. Having once oiled the daily lives of those that worked and lived within these buildings they now remind me that everything is transient and nothing is forever


Rough  and 'granulated' bust of Australian painter Lloyd Rees by Lawrence Beck (also known as Lawrence Gundabuka) near Sydney Town Hall on the corner of George and Druitt Streets.

When Life Gets You Down Mrs Brown

Sometimes a coffee and a chat with a mate puts the vagaries of life into perspective

Each Step Is A Step Closer

We all, like  Whina Cooper , need the resolve to move forward, something to lean upon, and the love of those around us. Then, and only then, can we make a difference Learn about the 1975 Māori land march  (hikoi) she instigated

The Moon In Her Hands

Life is unstoppable when you have the moon in your fingertips

A Sliver Of A Sunset

Looks like there's a duvet over the landscape. And the contour of the clouds matching the hills is pure coincidence, cool though. Cloudy sunset over #Wellington's Eastern suburbs

Makey Makey

If you've got youngish kids then a Makey Makey set is so cool - the banana piano was always a favourite. Go ahead and get yours:

"There's a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu"

There's a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu, There's a little marble cross below the town; There's a broken-hearted woman tends the grave of Mad Carew, And the Yellow God forever gazes down.

Drama Over Kapiti

Dramatic clouds over Te Horo Beach

The Beautiful Are Beautiful

What is it exactly that I find beautiful about this flower? There's the 'popping' colour', the circle-ness, or even the memory it invokes. What I truly love though are it's many imperfections meaning there will never be another like it.

Elizabeth Warren Should Be The Next US President

It's Donald versus one of these ... Now, I don't wish to cast aspersions, but does everyone look the same apart from Elizabeth Warren ( @ewarren )? Of course it's not just about not being a pale, stale, male even though that would be a massive breath of fresh air for the whole world. No, there's also the thinking that comes with Elizabeth Warren and, from what I've read from all the way over here in New Zealand, it's been all good stuff . However The Guardian , from whence this photo comes from, opens it's article with Biden is too gaffe-prone; Sanders and Warren are too far left; Buttigieg, too young. But which one is capable of beating Trump? "too far left"!? Fuck me sideways with a political handbook, if Elizabeth Warren is "too far left" for Americans they haven't read much history, travelled anywhere in the world, or understand the concept of kindness. Hey, it's the USA, a different culture, differ

Spikes And Patterns Of Te Papa

Photo of a Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa gate

A Better Quality Beach

And, as we all know, where we got  our surname , Riversdale Beach. Happy start to 2020 everyone, here's to action, hope, kindness, and so much love it'll border on embarrassing