Functional Beauty

It's just the overflow channel for the small Korokoro Dam, but still, beautiful eh?

Life online: Desktop, where I will be bringing it all together

Away we push on our Sunday constitutional

The funiest Australian movie ever

Is Tony Blair a "fundy"?

AHead in Hair

Meg in her bouncy chair with her bro'

When did curved go out of fashion

A wonderful post about how the clueless can be extremely creative

Talk to the teddy bear

Possible the best name ever

Go the Silver Ferns

Fantastic Wellington harbour photo's

Who says there's nothing on in Christchurch?


The Commonwealth Games ... anyone care?

Tomorrow is a particularly eventful day

The Web inventor tells us the one thing he would change

New Zealand Coffee Review

I've not kept up with the South Park v Scientology battle

There's no real excuse for this ..

Life online, why would I use of Google Page Creator

A strange facet to the computer people here at the Council

My secret girlfriend

Looking like the UK visit might be on

Tracking those comments ... pt 2

Bat Out Of the past

Clouds over Sumner Beach

On the NZ rugby lads

Life online: No more Microsoft Word

Life online: Google Calendar (more)

Are you Herbert?

Jack, a part of the iPod generation


Jack playing in his house

Stare at this for around 20 seconds and you should see a giraffe

Kiwi developer selling a Web 2.0 app on eBay

Meg on Jacks lap

Life on-line: Calendar

Carol and a fast asleep Meg

Gotta love broken planes

So that's what they would look like

Rugby calendar - NO LONGER PUBLISHED

MiramarMike search results

This is probably enough Brokeback Mountain for me

Life online, but no where to actually store stuff

Well, what would you do with that amount of money

Google Calendar, it's coming

Green milk