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Don't You Take Photos Of Your Shopping

I thought everyone took photos of their weekly shopping trolley, no? tbh, I actually have no idea why, on Saturday 16th June, 2018, at 4:15pm I thought it necessary for me to document the contents of (I assume) my shopping trolley. But I did, and here it is.

20 Minutes, That's Ya Lot

Life was hard at the WHS Prison Complex. What with the screws stepping up the 'examination' process, the C Block incident, and the ever growing fear that you too might be chosen to lead choir practice, it was with relief when a few of us got to kick the pigskin around. 20 minutes they said, but they always made us run a full game, those sneaky bastards were betting on us.  The joke was on them, we always made sure there was pies hidden in the cafe afterwards.

A Door In A Grass Bank

If you're not at least a teeny tiny bit intrigued and would like to know what's behind the study door built into the bank, then have another coffee.

Guess What My Wireless Charger Didn't Come With

Yup, a plug!

British & Irish Lions v South Africa, 2021 Fixture iCal Calendar

It's nearly here .. the British & Irish Lions squad is announced tonight . All the July 2021 Lions v South African  games are listed on the comprehensive Rugby Calendar page , your free and always up to date iCal / Google Calendar for all international rugby union games. Easy to subscribe to - check out the options on the full calendar page ...

My Season Of ...

Stability . It was as easy as that, my theme for 2021 would be stability.  Not growth. Not experimentation. Not adventure. Stability. And here we are, half-way through, and so far so good. How you doing? And what was (or is about to be) your 2021 theme?

Like Paint Drying, But Slower

I love anything that takes longer than a standard human lifetime, trees growing, stars being born, and of course pitch dropping coz it is actually a liquid. The ninth Pitch Drop from the world's longest running lab experiment fell in April 2014. Now the watch for the tenth drop continues. Only eight or so years.

It Was Herding Geeks

I love all the movement, and spot the people you know! The Alphero early days were very different, all power to those early pioneers , which saw them grow to these staff and friends at their 7th birthday party in June 2018 (and I'm sure it's now even grander).

Yes Please

As a Christmas present, or a birthday present, or maybe just because you know I'd like one.

Monmouthshire (Wales) Photos

I may have told this story, apologies if you've heard it already.  I moved away from Monmouth when I was 19 with an ever decreasing set of reasons to go back, heck I had the whole world at my fingertips even if it started just over the border in Gloucester. My first proper job, 198something, at  St Ivel in Swindon as the world slowly opened its doors to me. St Ivel, at the time, had extended it's graduate program to the likes of me. A year of learning how to "be in business", a few secondments, and quite a number of workshops away from the confines of the offices and factories. One such workshop was hosted in  Tintern .  Tintern is famous for two things, it has an Abbey that, whenever we drove passed, my Dad would point out the window and grinningly proclaim to anyone listening, "It'll be nice when it's finished!" The second famous thing is that The Poet Wordsworth spent some time wandering and pondering before writing  some evocative words  ... no

Profile Photo Opportunity

I don't use it now but for quite a while this was the basis of my work profile photo, not too shabby really 

Fisheye Stadium

Is this how fish watch rugby? I love this camera effect and hardly ever use it, will do from now on.

The Finest Of Potential Flags

A sighting of the laser Kiwi at an All Blacks game in Wellington (June 2018).

Bletchley Park podcast

Human stories are the best.  The Bletchley Park podcast has been on my list for a long time with its combination of human stories and old tech amongst a time of massive emergency (that the right term for World War II?). It's not one I listen to all the time but, like most podcasts on my list , I find gold in each episode when I dive on in. It's probably one for a specific type of person but really, give it a whirl as you will learn something and get a good sense of what it was like to be working in a place that wasn't just top secret to those outside but each inner cog was a world unto themselves. One day I will actually get to visit ... one day, when the world isn't full of virus, they are allowed to re-open, and planes are allowed to fly hither and thither.

Men And Their Religious Madness

Men (and a much smaller number of women) and their religious rituals can be bonkers sometimes. I know, "gives a lot of people succour", "has done a lot of good", "whatever keeps you going" ... but really, this is religion? The Copts have a long-standing claim over part of the roof, which is occupied by Ethiopian monks. To maintain their claim, Coptic monks take turns to sit on a chair on the roof. But on a particularly hot day in 2002, when a Coptic monk moved the chair a few inches into the shade, the Ethiopians interpreted that move as a violation of the status quo. The ensuing fight sent 11 monks to the hospital. [source:  The Christian church so holy that Muslims hold its keys ] No worse than sport I s'pose.  The most infamous ladder in all Christendom has been standing above the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for about three centuries. Credit : Matthew Delaney, CC BY-SA 3.0

The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion?

A fascinating read, " The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion? ", with quite incredible implications. “On the deepest level, if people really understood what’s going on – and I don’t think I’ve fully internalised the implications myself, even after all these years – it’s just too frightening and difficult,” Smilansky said. “For anyone who’s morally and emotionally deep, it’s really depressing and destructive. It would really threaten our sense of self, our sense of personal value. The truth is just too awful here.” My brain leans heavily towards we don't have free will but my heart (you know what I mean) is quite disturbed by what it could actually mean. More reading required ... I s'pose I will happen when it happens.

All Man

... except I'm wavering on puttering and fabrics, but then who isn't these days.

Dancing Like There's No Tomorrow

Those that know who this is, know who this is and know how much she loves a good dance. This photo is both a terrible one and an awesome one and depending upon the way I tilt my head and hold the phone determines which I think at any moment.

Caption That

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