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A Tour Around The Roxy Cinema, Miramar [updated]

Wow! Firstly thanks to Anna (@annaspam) for inviting me, I was chuffed and it made my day - great to meet you! Secondly, thanks to Jamie Selkirk, Jonny McKenzie, Tania Rodger and the owners/investors of The Roxy for making it happen, it is well worth it. Lastly, a massive thanks to Greg Broadmore for the gob smacking mural ... simply amazing! (and I felt like a true fan by saying thank you to him in person ... and I'm old so that doesn't happen nearly enough :) I took a few photos using my iPhone which are now up on Flickr . Expect the full high definition glory to come from Tom Ackroyd (@twelveplusone) sometime next week when he and Sue (@styler) put up their Wellingtonista  (@wellingtonista) posting and Tom unleashes all his quality photos onto Flickr. [ Updated 1-Apr ] Here's Sue's post AND (some of) Tom's photos What did I learn: Across all parts of the cinema (theatres, restaurant, bar) there is a passion for delivering a great experience - "

Roxy Cinema Bringing Back The Golden Age Of Movies - Press Release

Microsoft appointed RWC 2011 Official Sponsor ;-)

Can you spot what I did there ;-) Thanks to: amanzi on Flickr:  wellington-sevens-8 Freeware.Box: Bluescreen Screensaver Rugby World Cup:  Microsoft appointed RWC 2011 Official Sponsor

Miramar, It's Up And Coming

I know, I know - this blog is turning into a blog about Miramar ... well, what would you expect from @MiramarMike Anywho, check out a good Miramar write-up on Stuff, " Inside Miramar's new feel - Can Miramar change its shabby image? " by Sarah Catherall. Once again I'm gonna copy-n-paste the article into this post as Stuff tend to remove them after a random amount of time - if you've a problem with this let me know and I'll reluctantly delete it Driving along Miramar Ave, there are few signs that this is the gateway to a booming suburb. Past run-down car workshops and a service station, flanked by a supermarket and a chemist, it's still representative of the old Miramar, an eastern suburb on a peninsula that in days gone by was home to a gasworks and manufacturing industry. But around the corner in Park Rd is the revamped Roxy Cinema, resplendent in a $7 million 1930s-style refit, reminiscent of a time when going to the cinema was a fancy occasion.

The Delightfulness Of Youth

Yesterday I was talking to Jack (my 7-year old lad) about the swanky VIP opening of the Roxy Cinema this Wednesday and Jack immediately and with all seriousness said, Oh no, I can't go, I've got Futsul on A delightful moment and I grinned and grinned. Yes, I had to tell him that we weren't actually invited :-)

All Blacks #FAIL

Well, not the All Blacks but the "WOW! The Encyclopedia Of Everything"

What, When, Where and How Of The Roxy Cinema In Miramar - Opens Friday [Updated]

[Updated 30-Apr] Aha, I got the dates wrong and Anna has clarified it for me: The doors to the Roxy open on Friday 1 April. Coco, the cafe, lounge bar and restaurant will be open for business on this day with the cinema and building  open for the community to come and have a look over those first few days. The first Roxy cinema screening will be on Thursday 7 April. People will be able to buy tickets for the historic first day of screening from Friday 1 April. The Roxy Cinema, here in Miramar ("the heart of Wellywood"), is finally opening this coming Friday, 1st April (first actual screening Thursday 7th), and that should make you go, "squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Our suburb is all a buzz since they put the final touches to the facade and, most importantly, turned on the large neon sign (check out  Robert Catto's photo ). So here's everything you need to know about the Roxy Cinema: Location: 5 Park Road, Miramar [ map ] Opening times: 7 days, 10am+ Cinema

Unsubtle Spam - Pussy from Russian

As per obvious protocols I didn't click on the link but I am almost 100% certain this has nothing to do with cats. The language used is quite delightful really, from the "Hi my dear" to the "Doors to my soul are open", and how I'd imagine Victorian middle-class spam would be. Hi my dear! I am a pretty woman from Russia and very much want to meet you. I am very optimistic but within reasonable limits. But still there is a lack of one person in my fate. That's why I am here. I am waiting for my special man to come to my life. Doors to my soul are open for him. Look at my photos and profile http:// [URL removed] I will be waiting for you.

Cracking Comedy Song, Cheap Flights [video]

Ha ha ha ha ha ha - great find by Dave, made us laff at work

LOL! Golf Spam

I'm sure this is true spam , as in robot generated garbage comprising of random sentences designed to have you click, however it's spam in the sense that I never asked for it. And I have not tried to Google them or go to their website, I am not that silly. Made me giggle though ... Subject: Golf balls Dear Sir/Madam, Please offer me a little bit time to introduce our company, everyday you might receive a lot of similar emails, however we hope to be a lucky one: 1. We are a professional Golf balls and Golf clubs manufacturer from ShenZhen, China. We provide high performance Golf balls and high quality Golf clubs. 2. We can provide you stable quality, faster delivery and clear communications. 3.We provides customers with “one-stop” all support services. 4. We have very good quality system. 5. For the details, please kindly refer to Any questions, please feel free to let us know. Also, if you have any quote on hand, please release it for

Christchurch Loses Their Rugby World Cup Games

[ Updated 30-Mar ] Added new venues to the calendar - source:  Christchurch RWC 2011 Pool Match rescheduling It was always on the cards and, whilst I was of the small belief that it could still have worked, I'm not that surprised. Still sad though and definitely sucks for such a huge rugby loving area of New Zealand. At the moment the 2 quarter-finals are heading to Auckland with the 5 pools games still to be re-allocated. I've updated the Google calendar ...

How To Get NZ Civil Defence Warnings/Info Text To Your Mobile [updated]

[ Updated ] If in Wellington do the same for @wemonz Sign in/up to Twitter Follow @NZCivilDefence - Enable texts to your mobile - Click the mobile icon on the @NZCivilDefence page And don't forget to fwd/re-txt the info to family & friends (by all means copy/paste this into your status if you'd like)

The Geek In Me Loves That Google Just Wished Me A Happy Birthday

*titter* <

What's in Spock's scanner - Part 1

Yip, more some people have more time than they know what to do with ... but still, HA HA HA HA

This Has Both Astounded and Scared Me

Keep remembering it's a robot controlled by a computer!

Happy Birthday Liz!

It's been a tough lead-up to the birthday with the Christchurch family all being affected (but alive) by the devastating earthquake. But to my darling wife, Happy Birthday! And in our household @LizRiversdale knows that she also shares her day with St David's Day - hope is a happy one for you all and that you're eating leeks, speaking Welsh and singing (just to perpetuate the myth) to the best of your abilities. The classic picture is still valid :-) HAPPY ST DAVID'S DAY! If we were in Wales ( "Never Forget Your Welsh" ) we'd be wearing a daffodil and/or leek , quoting Max Boyce , singing at the top of our lungs AND having a go at every Englishman you could find .