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Miramar, Even Her History Makes You Proud

I love this picture of the land before Wellington airport was built - been looking for such a view for quite some years, and finally here it is. My thanks go to Stephen Cook and his fascinating personal history and research into the " Miramar Gasworks Tramway " . If you're hankering form some more Miramarian history then look no further than Barry Cash's " Postcards from Miramar " blog which has such beauties as this one of Wonderland And then you'll want to show off how proud you are to be a Miramarian Order your "Proud to be a Miramarian" t-shirt and wear it full in the knowledge that CBD-ers are already jealous

When An Drink Goes Wrong Via Twitter

Ok, before we start ... I've been ill , the brain was working at full capacity. I don't know what Dave's excuse is :-) The first tweet was sent from Little Beer Quarter after I checked the calendar wondering if I'm in the right place ... no, I've just bought a beer in the wrong bar : I call Dave and leave a voicemail message (it's common for people not to get coverage in the downstairs of Hashigo Zake), "I'm on my way, so sorry". So I sink the pint and rush down the streets, avoiding the downpour, to Hashigo Zake . Bloody hell, it's packed - Dominic (owner and old mate) tells me that his bar is so full due to an end of year SOBA event. Look around but no Dave to be seen and so I check the calendar one more time: I go upstairs to get some "fresh air" and a regrouping of the internal forces ... did I say I was ill. And then the tweet that made me laugh out loud so hard that I think I scared a small child: :-) Well it wen

How Cool Is That?

Just one of the treasures that Courtney Johnston shared at the NDF (National Digital Forum) Conference held in Wellington - and I believe Courtney was a guiding light in the organisation of this year's event. Whilst I encourge you to check out all her links make sure you take a few minutes (4 in fact) to sit back, slow down and remember those that did their wee bit and smile at the end because it is, indeed, very cool! A Grand Mother from Candy Elsmore on Vimeo . Oh, and having seen a large percentage drop in Kiwis voting at last weeks National Election the video is one teeny weeny reminder to all that there is always a legacy to remember when (not) doing so.