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Woodstock Florist, Mini Market - One Night Only

My wife has sent this through for a fellow parent and her florist business, Woodstock , on Willis Street [ map ] for a "Mini Market" on Thursday 19th November (6:30pm-8:30pm) Let 'em know you're going and say hi from me:

King Kong, Signed ... For You To Win, This Sunday

Ok, it's not King Kong him/itself and of course, being a fictional character, he/it can't sign anything but at the Worser Bay School Fair (Sunday, 1st November, 11am-2pm) : 1pm: Silent Auction Winners announced. Our Silent Auction includes King Kong Bookends personally signed by Richard Taylor , a night at the Museum Hotel, a fishing trip, and much more! Just thought you'd like to know. On Facebook, and let's face it who the hell isn't now-a-days *sigh*, then let others know your going to the fair ...

Amazing Trampolining AND Making Rubbish Bins Fun AND ... We Are Fucked

The fabulous "Best Of YouTube" podcast recently popped the trampolining vid into my brain and subsequently I popped over to their website and discovered another awesome "fun theory" video showing how: We believe that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory. Do you have an idea that uses fun to change behaviour? Enter now for the chance to win €2500. (Note: this is "an initiative of Volkswagen" ... advertising in a subtle form) But then I saw the final vid and realised we, as the dominant species on this planet, are slowly (quickly?) creating the next release ... eek ;-) Imagine that soft robot together with the wandering capability hooked into Google, *shudder* Enjoy the show ...

"At this cafe, you get what the person before you ordered"

The guys behind the counter and I immediately launched into a humorous, protracted, Englishanese attempt to understand what the hell just happened. Through judicious fumbling, and after a great deal of precise hand-waving and mangled pronouns, it turned out to be something like this: At this cafe, you get what the person before you ordered. The next person gets what you ordered. Welcome to the Ogori cafe! What a great concept - check out the full bog post at

End Of Days Starts In Moscow ... Sort Of [vid]

Looks fake to me but seems it's not - v weird, cool and slightly unnerving to think it's really "hovering" there. Man, I bet the "run to the hills, the aliens / four horseman / God / Satan / commies / 'they' are coming" crowd are having a field day. Anyone know how it was reported by the hicks at Fox News, ha ha ha?

New Cheese Shop In Petone

Popped out to Jackson Street in Petone this afternoon in the howling rain with a car load of Riversdales and a mother-in-law from Christchurch. Why would we attempt such an adventure I hear you ask ... go on, ask ... I can wait ... ! ... [looks at ceiling] ... AHA, great question, well let me tell you. A friend of Liz's (and mine now, she's awesome), Wendy, and a mutual mate recently went off following her dream of making cheese - you may recall an earlier post that popped out of that particular scheme. Well, Wendy is not content to merely create awesome cheese in her home kitchen for the neighbours and has expanded the Hutt empire* to now include their very own shop, Cultured (185 Jackson Street, Petone - map ). Follow them on Twitter at @mmmcheeseplease It's a cheese shop - it is gonna rock! It also, today , seemed to be the venue for a female only Petone tweetup ;-) But most distressingly, it lacked any discernible bazouki. * Wendy and her fantastic hubby Conrad are al

Ha Ha Ha - Just Gets Better The More It Plays [vid]

Twitter Comes To Miramar

Of course @MiramarMike has been tweeting away for a very long time but I am no longer alone in this neck of the woods; here's a small yet growing list of Miramar-centric @MiramarLL - Liquor Land @CivicMiramar - Civic Video @WetaWorkshop - what it says on the tin run by Magnus @LyallBayNZ - near enough to the peninsular for me to add it to the list ;-) @Webstock - it's spiritual home maybe cyberland but it's got roots in Maupuia, big time Anyone else - add yourself by leaving a comment ...

Worser Bay School Fair - Sunday 1st November, 11am-2pm

As usual it's gonna be chock-a-block at 11:01am at Worser Bay School as everyone rushes up the hill to snaffle the bargains and specials (if you're a Weta fan, take note :-) And, of course, have all the fun of the fair AND the circus. See you there on Sunday 1st November, 11am-2pm (rain or shine!)

Been A Long Time, How Are Ya?

Met a blog reader (hi Michael) last night and it struck me that I've been very lazy with the blog using it as a dumping ground for "funny hardy-har" stuff but not really much more. So, what's been going down? WaveAdept has been ticking along a little too slowly but now the team is back together again after holidays and the like we can refocus ourselves upon it - I have the Sauron's eye picture in my mind for some reason The "book shop" dream is slooowly coming together - expect a little (not huge) movement on this early next year dives into "open" advocacy every now and again but not enough for the soul - really want to focus on the promised blogging for Liz is very busy at the moment launching, with her business partner Helen, Breathing Space ("professional development for parents"), particularly with the event on Monday 19th Oct - still tickets available ... Jack seems to have jumped up another step i

4 Awkward Moments in Facebook "Likes"

Ha ha ha ha - the third one is pretty cringe worthy Thanks to Adam's Jokeslist once again

Lemony Lime (Extreme) Beer, Hee Hee

Saw a poster of this at Hashigo Zake the other day and it made me laff, enjoy: 4/1/2002 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Greg Koch Stone Brewing Co. (760) 471-4999 x102 Stone Brewing to release new "Extreme LemonyLime" malternative beverage San Marcos, CA --- Stone Brewing announced today that the company will be entering the fast growing malternative market with a new product called "Extreme LemonyLime." The malt-based product will feature a light citrusy flavor and a 5.5% alc/vol. "Our history as a company up to this point has been to brew full-flavored, big character brews for the discerning beer lover," stated Stone CEO Greg Koch. "We feel that we have been missing out totally on a segment of the population. After all, there are a lot of people out there drinking sweet flavored alcoholic drinks like appletinis, and we thought we should get in with the race to get their money too." Like other category leaders in the malternative segment, Stone has made

God Love NZ And Her Quirks

This Blog Goes Mobile

Well, it goes iPhone that's for sure. For a while now I've been using using MoFuse to repurpose the blog for iPhones. This was a manual process however and you had to know to go there. I have started to put in code to automatically take you there if you're visiting from your iPhone - here's the key bit of code: <script type='text/javascript'> if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') !=-1) || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPod') !=-1)) { document.location = ""; } </script> Let me know how it goes and by all means pass on problems. Note: For now the auto re-direct only works on the blog homepage as I try and work out the MoFuse way of creating URLs for articles. Thank you, as you were ....