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Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 5, 24 May 2013

Just to make it very clear, what follows is NOT WRITTEN BY ME. I am NOT the project manager of the Miramar Town Centre Upgrade, that role is taken up by Kevin Murphy ( ), someone I have never met but is doing an admirable job keeping us all up to date on the goings on via weekly emails that I am merely copy-pasting onto this blog. If you want to get the email yourself, and I heartily recommend it, then 'subscribe' by sending an email to Project home: And so, on to this weeks update ... What’s happened this week Hawkins Construction has completed the installation of new kerb and channel along the Miramar Avenue and Park Road edges and laid new asphalt to blend in with the existing road surface.  Considering the difficulties involved in managing traffic while this work was being undertaken, the whole operation ran very smoothly. The contractor and I would like to thank dr

The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke

Can't remember where I stumbled across " The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke ", I suspect it was a G+ post from the Steampunk community. I link the idea (although having Ms Clarke in her underwear all the time is a tad interesting) and I certainly hope that the project takes off. Here's a snippet from Ken Wallace's About page: Developed by Writer/Producer Kendrick Wallace, "The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke” is the stylish and exciting story of the exploits of a female British agent living undercover in the United States in the 1920s as a Hollywood actress. The project is conceived of as an integrated package of materials: at its core it a is a tent-pole feature motion picture. Supporting the feature are a series of 10-15 minute serialized, high-quality webisodes,  a graphic novel and a mobile-platform video game. more ... Who is Ken(drick) Wallace: And so, if this all tickles your fancy then yo

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 4, 17 May 2013

Hmm, I wonder if the TelstraClear (sic. actually Vodafone) cable news below is why I'm still getting a pretty crap YoUTube service via the TV app. Project home: Update from last week’s newsletter The bus timetable for the number 2 and 18 services has now been moved to the temporary bus stop on Hobart Street. Greater Wellington Regional Council is making up some larger, more robust signs directing bus users to the location of the temporary bus stop. When these become available, they will be attached to the site fence near the old tram shelter. Some of you picked up on the disappearance, one day earlier this week, of the temporary public portaloo from outside the former Thai Restaurant. The portaloo was removed in error by the supplier who had incorrectly recorded the termination of the hire period. It was reinstated the following day and will remain in place until the new permanent public toilet has been installed.

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 3, 10 May 2013

From the extremely personable Project Manager, Kevin Murphy Update from last week’s newsletter I have been asked why the bus timetable has not been moved to the temporary bus stop on Hobart Street. This is because the timetable is currently fixed to the wall of the tram shelter with special tamper-proof screws that require a special tool to remove them. Greater Wellington Regional Council, which is responsible for bus stop operations, is arranging for the timetable to be shifted. I understand local residents have been asking town centre retailers for more information about the project. Please let your friends and neighbours know that they can find this information on the Council’s website (go to Council/Projects/Miramar ) or pick up a site plan from the Miramar Library or the Miramar Vet Hospital. If anyone you know has any queries, feel free to tell them to contact me.. I’m pleased to say we have been able to devise an alternative option for the installat

Miramar Town Centre Upgrade – Newsletter 2 3 May 2013

I've asked Kevin (the named person on the weekly newsletter - sign-up by emailing ) if he was OK me posting this and future updates on my blog? Then it can be shared to those not quite so e savvy on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter ... he's said nothing yet so I'll take silence = compliance ;) Project home: Update from last week’s newsletter The temporary bus stop for the numbers 2 and 18 services has been located outside 157 Hobart Street. Apologies for any confusion caused by my reference last week to the no. 24 service also stopping at this location. Go Wellington – the bus company - has confirmed that the stop adjacent the Holy Cross Catholic Church on Miramar Avenue will be the temporary start point for this service. We have advised taxis to temporarily use the parking bay on Miramar Avenue outside the former Thai restaurant. We will not designate it as a taxi rank but they will be e

Song About Miramar

Censorship Can Be Merely Other Peoples Playground Rules You Don't Like

In the true manner of, "a man in a pub told me" I received this forwarded email from someone in da family a while ago: If this is true (bearing in mind the apparent censorship that has happened in the UK), then this is really serious... Via a retweet from Gervais: Sent from my iPhone My response ... Yip ... Facebook,. of course, has no need to explain itself as it's a privately owned (to all real means) US-based organisation. It is not a British media organisation it's not a "platform" - it is a privately owned website. Just like my blog, I get to choose what goes on it, so do they. If that's not understood then that's a little sad, eh. As for mainstream media in the UK, they are also private (well, privately run, owned by large financial organisations) that get to something similar. They are slightly less free