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Thank You From A 50 Year Old

(what I said to the "Mike circle" on Saturday ) Thank you for that Dan. Thank you ALL for coming, you didn't have to. You didn't have to join in me in my dress up passion. You didn't have to come out to Miramar. You didn't have to come to a 50th birthday do. You didn't have to, but you did and thank you. Thank you for those that made this happen. All of this is above and beyond and I didn't do any of it - the following people did, charge your glasses to: Adam, Dan, Liz, Raj, Birgit & Manfred and Zoe It's been a tough year. It's been a growing year. Those that know, know. I am physically standing before you because of the love, support and partnership of my hero, Liz Thank you Liz. I love you. My friends, those here and those that decided weddings or not paying for massively expensive plane ticket was a better deal, for being there for me and not allowing me to do it alone My family for standing next to me, no matter what My

Happy St David's Day AND Happy Birthday Liz

"Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus" Hope (1st March) was a happy one for you all and that you were eating leeks, speaking Welsh and singing (just to perpetuate the myth) to the best of your abilities. The classic picture is still valid :-) HAPPY ST DAVID'S DAY! If we were in Wales ("Never Forget Your Welsh") we'd be wearing a daffodil and/or leek , quoting Max Boyce , singing at the top of our lungs AND having a go at every Englishman you could find . And if you're on Twitter try @walesdotcom / @saintdavidsday and #stdavidsday And on Google+ #stdavidsday Happy birthday to my best friend, hero , lover, wife, partner and soulmate.