A Blast From The Past

La Boca Loca was a fantastic addition to the newly revamped Miramar centre and will always be remembered. Here they are at the Cuba Mall Night Market back in February 2018.

Define Political Correctness

Christchurch has (some) Christmas street decorations up

A fortnight to go ... holy fuck

I love it when a plan comes to fruition

Walking school bus - what a cracking idea

King Kong, the pre-release malarkey builds up

You print this, "they" will know when and with what

Two weeks after the NPC final ...

Your celebs looking like you

IE ... ha ha ha

Goooo Grease Lightning, Grease Lightning, Go Grease Lightning

At the start of something cool

Sumner Beach on Labour Day

Phew, what a scorcher

Ha ha ha ha - awesome work someone

Thursday ramblings

Dilbert and blogging

Willowbank with Karen

The wee man a month before Meg

Meg is a mere 3 or 4 weeks away

8 weeks - get your Kong diary now

All Black squad for the 'Grand Slam Tour' of the UK

Thai Smile - both the food and place

Guess what just turned 34?

Lines to laugh by

Just like a movie

I've got a new mobile number

Standards, so many to choose from

RadioNZ website is finally a site of this century

Maxim Institute - what's your view on them?

Bloggers, had this emailed to you a million times yet?

Does your blog suffer from the 'top 10 mistakes'?

Wellington was brilliant

4 weeks (28 days) to go until I kiss Meg

Kong - music, diaries and merchandise

Bird Flu and Tamiflu

Ooh, we won an Ig-Nobel

Sum of years

Web 2.0, an excellent source of information

It's our Alan Mcdougall vs theirs

This is not big, clever or grown up

Seven Habits Of Highly Annoying New Zealanders

Virtual Friday musings

Winnie the Pooh has replaced The Wiggles

Things are good as well as bad

What's been going down with you

I'd like to thank Jesus Christ

Visit to Granddads

Visit to Willowbank