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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 3rd Trailer [Official video]

Not sure about 3D or in 2 parts ... but still, COOOL!

In Depth And Highly Scientific Comparison Between Microsoft Windows And Ubuntu

I've always had the impression that Ubuntu (Linux) boots a gazzilion times faster on The Beast* than Microsoft Windows Vista. But does it really? So, out with the stop watch for a few tests, first up Windows Vista: From dual boot to login: 40 seconds From entering my password and pressing go to Chrome loading my Gmail: 2mins 30secs Logging off: 15 seconds Re-enter password and back to Gmail again: 25 seconds Restart (all the way back to the dual boot): 40 seconds Hmm, some surprises in there. Right, next is Ubuntu 10.04: From dual boot to login: 30 seconds From entering my password and pressing go to Chrome loading my Gmail: 1min 5secs Logging off: 5 seconds Re-enter password and back to Gmail again: 11 seconds Restart (all the way back to the dual boot): 16 seconds Well, it obviously beat Windows Vista in all areas but, to be honest, not by that much to really care. The initial boot up is almost negligible in human experience terms but I always had the perception 

There Is Always Hope For Me As I Get Older [video]

Excellent to know that when (yes "when", thank you!) I get old I can continue to boogie to the pop hit sensations of the day ... Thanks, as always, to the wildly eclectic Adam's JokesList

Christchurch Spring 2009 Tilt Shift [video]

I know, I am getting obsessed with tilt shifted [ huh? ] photos and videos ... but come on, it's just so cool!

This Is What #RedShoesDay Can Mean To Your Online Presence

These are taken from Google Analytics run on this blog 2 days ago ... dramatic eh!

#RedShoesDay Fun From Mojo Coffee [video]

7 Ways Life Instantly Becomes Better By Nicholas Bate

Not sure how I can show an excerpt from Nicholas' original post because, well, it's this: By accepting that which comes with Life. Such as the weather. By accepting that which comes with the job. The occasional totally eccentric boss. By deciding to change that which is under your control: energy, attitude, choices, approach, goals... By helping wherever possible. Call it Newton III, call it karma, call it what you will. But boy does it help keep you grounded. Edit out the crap memories. Simply learn from them but don't replay them. Ever again. Play those great times a-plenty. In full on technicolour. By getting on with it. AWESOME! Original over at Nicholas Bate's blog

Wellington Tourism + Mojo Coffee + TVOne Breakfast = #RedShoesDay Prizes

Well, it's all go with this #RedShoesDay eh! It started small, gained a little traction with Matt from @MojoOldBank, went a bit mad with @MojoCoffeeNZ and now we have @Wellington_NZ (official Wellington Tourism) taking it to the masses via TVOne's Breakfast show  and with @Fly_PacificBlue in-flight staff And so, tomorrow morning get yourself along : These foxy red shoes are the Cinderella of the Spoil Yourself in Wellington campaign - the dress usually gets all the glory. But not on Red Shoes Day. To celebrate this absolutely positively Wellington event, Positively Wellington Tourism and Mojo are offering the chance to win a Spoil Yourself in Wellington prize that includes: a Mojo coffee subscription $200 voucher to buy yourself some new shoes from fabulous Mischief Shoes (you can’t keep our ones sorry) dinner for two at Cuisine Restaurant of the Year Logan Brown two tickets to see Sir Ian McKellen in Waiting for Godot at St James Theatre on Thursday 1 July our frie

#RedShoesDay 2010 Is Going Ever So Slightly BIG ... Watch This Space

Announcement tomorrow - watch any of the following ... Twitter: @RedShoesDay - new! @MojoCoffeeNZ @Wellington_NZ @MiramarMike #RedShoesDay search ... Facebook: Red Shoes Day event Me ("Daphne Fairfax Jr" - the post of why is coming, promise) Absolutely Positively Wellington MojoCoffee Wellington Wellington after work drinks ("tweetup") Hooch ( 46 Courtenay Place ),  5:30pm+ - RSVP at And the history of the day is all here - Photo source: chandimak (thanks mate)

FREE Coffee This Friday From Mojo Coffee In Auckland/Wellington If ...

... you're wearing red shoes! Huh - Read more ... AND, don't forget the #RedShoesDay drinks in Wellington this Friday at Hooch (46 Courtenay Place) from 5:30pm+ for a chance to show off you red shoes (or other bling). RSVP at

7 x 13 = 28 [video]

Fernies Sweetie Shop In Monmouth

Ok, so I do have a downer on Facebook a lot of time (and who wouldn't) but now and again I re-discover an old friendship or even better a group like called Mr Ferneyhough! Your Memory Lives on! (click for bigness) The picture that I have 'alf inched from the group is so evocative of my childhood days in Monmouth that I was instantly transported back to the sounds, smells and weather of those days. I could hear my mates, I could feel the plastic wrapping on the albums in Round 'Ear and most importantly I could remember how much shtick we little sods gave Mr Ferneyhough. Well, to be honest I was a good little boy and was a bit scared about going into the shop when the oiks where in there giving him a hard time ... sods! To place yourself in the right place The Sweetie Shop (which I didn't know was it's officially name even though that's what I called it) was at 24 Church Street, Monmouth: View Larger Map If you're from Monmouth before the 1980's

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - Short People [video]

More from that concert

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - I Love You, Raylene [video]

From THE concert of the past 10 years according to all of us ...

Go For Launch! [video that auto-starts]

In this unique time-lapse video created from thousands of individual frames, photographers Scott Andrews, Stan Jirman and Philip Scott Andrews condense six weeks of painstaking work into three minutes, 52 seconds (read here how they did it). The action starts in the hangar-like Orbiter Processing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where Discovery has been outfitted for its STS-131 mission. The vehicle is then towed to the 525-foot-high Vehicle Assembly Building, hoisted into a vertical position and lowered onto its external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters. Then it’s off to the pad on the giant Mobile Launcher Platform, where the shuttle is encased in its protective Rotating Service Structure until just before launch on April 5, 2010. The film ends with a glimpse of Discovery and the STS-131 astronauts coming in for a landing 15 days later, back in Florida where it all started. (3:52) Video: Scott Andrews/ Stan Jirman/ Philip Scott Andrew Thanks to @mikeroseingrave fo

Favourite poster of the month

Favourite poster of the month - Originally uploaded by Mike Riversdale