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Depression & Anger: The Dastardly Duo's Latest Adventures

Things to say before I crack into this - YES, this feels extremely, "Oh look at me, aren't I all special" and, this might come as a surprise to those not used to sharing emotions ... looking at you Kiwi blokes. My responses to both are, "Fuck it, it's my blog" and, "Deal with it ya uptight buggers" - both responses apply to both things. Back in mid-March I was away at Castlepoint with, oooh, around 10 families on a weekend of whanau friendly fun. The weekend was a lot of things to a lot of people - mostly fun, sliding and amazing company (especially the kids). To me it was a dark, turbulent, and poisonous place. (for those that recognise those words, yes, this is the most of the apology email I sent out ... I still treasure the replies) For years I have struggled with anger (I'm sure that comes as no surprise) and whatever triggered my inner rage on that particular weekend led me to be particularly nasty to people that had no cause for me